I do like my druid, but I have to admit he is a far bigger packrat than any other toon that I own. I find that my bags quickly overflow with holiday gear, old tier sets I don’t wish to part with after grinding them out, tabards and all sorts of useless novelty items .. and my bank is the same. With the upcoming cataclysm expansion I have no doubt that we will probably see larger bags but what will I do for some real storage room. I really wish that Blizzard would implement something for this.

A lot would argue for player housing, and I wouldn’t mind that idea, but a simpler solution would be a “pack animal” that you can select to show or not (think similar to your cloak), that can carry .. say half the amount your bank possibly could. This would allow all the packrats that much wanted extra bag room .. plus from an rp / aesthetic point of view it makes more sense (visabley) to have an animal trailing after you carrying all the stuff you are supposedly carting about in bags.

I would think that at least to start the already in-game models for Kodo (pictured above in mah hastily photo-shopped image) or the donkey/mule loaded up with various goods would more than suffice. While I realize that a lot of people will probably just say “get rid of some crap” I still think that this would be a good idea for those packrats out there screaming for more room.

Also, yes, I have posted two posts today .. mostly because this blog seemed so empty & lonesome