Time Management. There is a word everyone hears, a lot. Sadly it is something that we all need to be aware of .. and how its best used for us. Now you may think .. “Oh, he’s a gamer, probably a WoW addict who spends every minute of his day behind the game”.. and while I do enjoy the game this isn’t what has brought on this particular post.

For those that don’t know I run my own business, now one of the people I work with used to be a partner in the business .. and he suffers from time management problems. Large ones at that. You see when we started the business it was with the aim that he could slow down, work from home and go into semi-retirement. The problem is that since opening 4 years ago, he hasn’t slowed down, in fact he is getting worse.

Picture this as your daily routine .. 5 or 6 am, wake up, pit stop, then turn computer on, make coffee and then return to the computer to answer emails and start working… and remain their all day until 1 or 2 am unless (a) you need to go out to speak to someone about work (b) your wife needs to become almost physical to get you to leave well alone.

Now I realise that when you own and run a business you need to put in the extra miles .. but doing what I just mentioned for 24/7 can in no way be healthy. Should you choose to live and work like that I assure you .. that is your choice. It is neither needed nor necessary if you either manage time better or manage workloads a bit differently.

What I am getting at though is between work, housework and family everyone needs some “me time”, and why is that … well, “me time” is like a phone being put on recharge. Its what keeps you going and despite the occassional interferance in that time its what allows you to be fresh and ready for everything else you need to handle.

So if you are feeling stressed or overburdened remember to take some “me time” even if its only an hour  or half an hour a day.