When something goes wrong everyone wants an immediate fix, and sadly this is not always possible. Last week we saw an eruption of a volcanoe in Iceland that sent an ashcloud up large enough to stop flights accross Europe. In the following several days many eastern ports started opening but until today London and Paris, two of Europes largest airports, have remain closed to flights.

To all those stuck, please be patient, and if possible try and enjoy your extended stay .. the local offices of airlines are doing what they can to help. As the airports open they will slot passengers on the first flights they can, and some airlines are even looking at trying to get extra planes over to Europe to help get the stranded home. To those airlines that are doing all they can you have our thanks.

Also if you are stuck in Paris or London .. this is why you have taken out travel insurance. In most cases your Insurer will cover you for extra accommodation, travel and meal expenses once you make the cliam. So make sure the airlines know how to contact you, make sure you check in with them daily, but otherwise get out an enjoy your extended vacation .. do some shopping or take time to see the sights you missed.

On the other hand things must be able to be better handled by the airlines. IF the passengers home port can’t deal with the changes because the office in London or Paris are making the minute by minute decisions then those offices must be contactable. If your clients can’t reach you via phone or physical visit it is not an acceptable level of customer service .. these are the times when it pays to have more than person at your customer service desk! Nothing is more reprehensible when you are stranded and nobody is there you can speak with to make sure  of whats going on.

To all those stranded I hope you reach home soon, and to those now departing on their voyages I hope that yours go smoothly!