As someone who has made connections with people world wide due to my love of travel I have become more aware of the world around me, more tolerant of other cultures and in general (I think) a better person for it. Even if I still do poke fun at them.

Today a friend brought to my attention the “Playing For Change” which brings people together world wide through music, and  the resulting “Playing For Change Foundation” which helps people in varied areas to acheive something they love, which normally may not have been acheivable. While this may not be new, it is the first time I have stumbled across it .. and I approve.

Some of the companies I work with in places like India and Vietnam have close relationships with local orphanages where they help to try and improve the futures of the young children – and the truth is it is amazing how some things can help so much. “Playing for Change”  has a similar vision of helping out those who are less fortunate and I think it may be something worth while everyone at least looking at in one form or another. Whether or not you like “Playing For Change” I would encourage anyoen to become involved with an organisation that helps improve the lives of those less able .. whether it is something local like Lions Club, or larger and more international.

Remember life is full of good intentions, but it is one act of kindness that will get you started.