We have a paladin tank in our guild, hes been with us for quite some time, hes friendly and otherwise harmless. WE know that when we do a run with him we are in for some pain because despte repeated attempts he doesnt seem to quite grasp what he is supposed to do. Then again he is a mentally handicapped person and even the simplest of things become problems … for example after 40 minutes of us trying to get him out of ungoro through talking someone ended up having to fly down and escort him out. Thats the sort of person he is.

Now some obnoxious prick from another server got him in his random daily .. yeh painful run ensues and in the end our pally rage drops and leaves them. Then Mr Prick has the nerve to come to my server to create a new toon to rant at me about our pally and then delete his toon before I can respond (mailed rant btw) and he doesn’t give his name.

having seen the behaviour of pugs for the last 4 years I can imagine that they didn’t try to be helpful at all as he puts it but rather blasted the poor pally for every loose mob until the pally in sheer frustration quit.My problem his is not that it all occured .. but that Mr Obnoxious Prick didn’t even leave me a way to respond to his accusations and left of saying I was a bad GM, My Guild Was Full of Assholes and that none of us can play for crap.

Well I don’t know who Mr Obnoxios Prick is … but he can go screw himself. I know that at least the Pally involved would have had the balls to say who he was .. no matter the situation. As it is I have no recourse but to simply ignore the matter because the Pally can’t recall when he last logged on let alone who he ran with in a dungeon, and Mr Obnoxios Prick didn’t leave me with anyway to address him over his concerns.

So for those of you out there who wan’t to whine and whinge about other peoples playing ability get a backbone, do so in a way you can be responded to  … or be deemed as irrelevant trash talkers who can’t see past their own self epeen.