I will admit, I am a Horde fan when you talk about Warcraft. The Lore, the History and for most part the Characters. The direction that the Horde has taken since the 2nd War though has been fantastic and has moved away from classic fantasy of good vs evil, human vs non-human to something more grey and much much more fascinating. The more I see about Cataclysm the more I worry over the fate of my beloved Horde .. why? what am I seeing?

– Garrosh is now Warcheif, where is Thrall?
– Vol’jin has it out with Garrosh and deserts Orgrimmar (one upside so far)
– Cairne Bloodhoof: Status: Probably dead by execution
– Baine appears to be in charge in Thunder Bluff
– Horde allied with the Dragonmaw Orcs. I mean WTF?
– Stonemaul Hold in Ferales .. have they been kicked out of Dustwallow?
– Destruction of Camp Taurajo
– Dreadmaul Hold. Have we taken it over or allied with these Ogres?
– Extensive Campaign in Ashenvale while the Southern Barrens Fall

I have never been a fan of Garrosh, not when he was a self pitying leader in Outland and not now that he is a hot-headed, non-thinking warmonger in Northrend. To think of him in charge of the Horde makes me worry. Especially when you look at the changes he is bringing in. First the Goblins, the changes to the landscape they are making is huge. Then there is the Dragonmaw .. I mean these along with the Blackrock Clan were the last bastions of the Old Horde. When everyone else was setting sail with Thrall these guys were still trying to succed where they had failed in the second war.

Either way I am looking forward to wat is going to happen with anticipation, and with dread that all I have enjoyed about the horde is going to die. So I’ll sit back and anticipate eagerly the changes, and plot on how to help the allies kill Garrosh should he indeed be behind Cairnes death.

On another note I have for about a month now slowly been reading throught “Destrons Travels Through Azeroth and Outland” blog, and while I don’t necessarily agree with all his viewpoints I will say this, it is a fantastic read and for those that like to immerse themselves further into World of Warcraft this is a perfect example of someone who has, and someone who can help you to.