About few years ago I bought myself a new camera before I headed off to the middle east for another Egypt trip. At the time I had read all the cool stuff it could do which included stitching together up to 3 images on the camera itself and creating a panoramic photo (like the ones below), which I thought would work really well for some of the promo stuff I do at work.

In the booklet though it suggested a few programmes that I could use to make larger and better quality panoramics .. after 2 weeks of happy snaps very few of them stiched well together using that programme. I was to be honest a little dissapointed but figured that I’d try it out a few different techniques on my next trip.  This would have been great except I’ve been chained to my table the last twelve months.

I was though a few months back taking a screencap in WoW of myself doing something or another down in Thousand Needles (base jumping or something), and I realised that a lot of what i would need to do to get the programme working for real life shots could be done through World of Warcraft.

At first my attempts were no better than those I had acheived using the camera in real life. Images with big black spots in the middle, or with one side towering miles above the other (to state just a few worries). I did stick it out though and after countless attempts actually started producing some decent panoramics from WoW like the following:

The problem was the quality of the images were a bit short of what I was after. I have though found out now how to stich full screencaps and photos together without reducing quality, or reducing it to a preferred level.  To that end I spent a happy few hours running my toon around Mulgore grabbing some nice snaps and converting them at full quality.

So now I know that I can within reason (as in should I not forget to take enough overlaps) be able to build larger panoramics and images from between 1 and a hundred or more photos .. which will for me come in really handy. Who knows, if I manage to break free of these chains I may even post some images here from around the world.

On the down side I have been convinced that since Cataclysm is changing i should get as many panoramics done as I can .. to which at the time I agreed. 3 months and 5 zones later I wish I hadn’t. Still I will try and get as much as I can done before the expansion and will post them here (on a seperate page) for those interested.