You know usually I am the one that trys to not cause tension in dungeons and to keep things going, whether the dps is doing less than 1k or pulls crap before the tank gets to it, if the tank can’t hold aggro or leaves dps behind, you know the everyday stuff that a healer has to deal with.

There is one thing I hate though, and I have done so since back when Druids could only rez once every half hour and the run back to Razorfen Kraul as ghosts was all the way from Camp Taurajo, and that is people who do not run back after a wipe. Everyone else could make it why couldn’t you? Now I am not picking on all people here who don’t run .. in fact I can understand the situation say if you chose a wipe to make a quick bio break or to nip away from the computer briefly. But to sit there talking, or not going afk and then demand a rez .. more than just Irks me, its rude and  inconsiderate.

As far as I am concerned if you are behind your computer there is no reason to not run back. Refusing to run back slows the whole group down, especially if it wasnt a wipe near the start of a dungeon.  It means that whoever does run back is left waiting for the person who didn’t to then sit, drink and eat as well as then having to wait for the rezzer to replenish their mana – and in low level dungeons this could be significant depending on gear and number of people to rez.

Anyway last night we had a tank in Draktharon keep who thought of himself as Mr Wonderful, so wondeful in fact that while I was skinning poor King Dread he had raced up the stairs and pulled the entire balcony while I was skinning and while 2 of the dps were sitting down drinking. A wipe ensues, with that I have no complaint .. the tank was impatient and things went bad, it happens, no problem. 4 people release, as we reenter the instance we notice the tank hasn’t released or moved .. so very casually I ask “Is Tank AFK? Hes not running back”. To my suprise he replies that he is still at the computer .. at which point I replied “thats OK, I don’t have to Rez” at the same moment the dps pally who had been doing 60% of the damage says “thats OK I can tank”.

Now as you can imagine I was overjoyed because I could now in all good consious leave the lazy little bastard exactly where he was. To this point in the dungeon his work as a tank had been unispiring .. hell the warlock doing 1.8k dps had tanked half the adds in the chamber prior to the first boss and the pally who was taking over often had more hold of aggro then the tank himself. So the pally tanked and we cleared the rest of the dungeon faster than we had moved through any part of the dungeon previously despite the fact that there were now only 4 of us active rather than 5.

We cleared the trolls on the landing and those damn fearing undead trolls at the base of the steps to the last boss. In all this time Mr Wonderful had remained unmoving not releasing telling us how needed he was as a tank because he carried the groups he tanked for, how it wasn’t right that we didn’t rez him, how it was in specific my fault we wiped in the first place, and how we were all in general a bunch of bastards for not rezzing him. So when we got to the boss and he still hadn’t released, we booted him.

Now you may say that what we did was wrong, and that either I or the Pally should have just rezzed him and kept going because “its only a random dungeon”,and that in the end we ruined mr Wonderfuls gameplay experience, you can tell me what you want but I don’t agree. Mr Wonderful was a bad tank who was totally unmindful of anyone in the group but himself and more to the point he was rude and couldn’t even follow basic dungeon etiquette. It may sound petty, but it felt good to leave him lying there.

Though that is all a fun tale it bring me to the point that Mr Wonderful isn’t the only bad apple out there, and since the intoduction of the new dungeon tool it is becoming more prevalent, and with the overgearing and simplicity of Wrath Dungeons I’m finding that the idiocy that is now experienced end-game is also being felt at lower levels where simply plowing through a dungeon is not always possible.

There are a number of simple things that anyone, whether they are a tank, a healer or a dps should remember in dungeons that will make the experience better for everyone.

  1. Be friendly and give the other players, no matter what their skill, some respect. After all its another living breathing person you’re dealing with.
  2. Don’t run off ahead and leave someone behind with trash that “they should be able to handle”, especially if your a tank .. and especially in lower dungeons where trash is liable to run off a side corridor you haven’t been through to summon help.
  3. Tanks shouldn’t pull if their group isn’t there. It can work at times, but if your group is drinking or not with you then you are not going to be able to survive long.
  4. If people need to drink wait for them to drink. At 80 this isn’t much of a worry but still happens from time to time, and if you are in a lower dungeon and not wearing BoA gear you may need to drink a lot.
  5. Let the tanks pull, after all they have less chance of being one shot and causing raid wipes.
  6. Be patient with those new to roles. If they are a new tank or healer they need to get their footing and this can take a while .. give constructive feedback and don’t be an arse. If they are dps who are not doing well compared to their gear don’t ridicule them, try and give them a useful tip or two that could improve their performance .. who knows they may have levelled solo and never figured out that certain stats or spells are useful.
  7. If you need to go afk say something. If you just need to pee or grabe a coke fine most won’t care, but when someone goes afk without warning (especially heals and tanks) and doesn’t move for more than 5 minutes then your detracting from everyones gameplay .. don’t waste the groups time uneccesarily.
  8. Don’t make stupid comment. Saying things like “Tank Hold Aggro” or “Heal Me” won’t endear you to anyone.  Tanks and Healers know their jobs as well or better than dps and have their own priorities. Also “Hold Aggro” is a usless statement, saying “umm hey you forgot to put on Rigteous Fury” is more constructive,  useful and less insulting.
  9. If you wipe run back. Not running back causes the entire run to slow down. There are exceptions to te rule but if you are sitting behind your computer and not taking a quick afk there is no excuse. Your the same kind of people who always show up on tour 10 or 20 minutes later than agreed meet up times, you slow everything down and piss everyone off.

Theres probably more but those are tha basics that I can think of. It’s a matter of treating people how you would like to be treated. Remember if you keep being a wanker then people will treat you like one. So play nice and you’ll find that everything works better for you, and remember with the way the dungeon finder works no-one is irreplacable these days, even tanks.