You know looking back over the last few months of varying posts and threads on the official WoW forums I can’t find many people who support the Icecrown Raid Buff. Most seem to bemoan how it ruins te game and blah blah blah. I have to admit though when it was first introduced I didn’t know what to think and it has taken me some time to make up my mind.

I like the Icecrown Raid Buff, and in retrospect I think adding a similar buff over time to any tier of raiding is not just a good idea but a great idea. Having said that I have probably offended a lot of “hardcore” raiders, but why I don’t know.

3 Simple Reasons the Buff is Good:

  • Buff will allow more people to see the end raiding content when it is current rather than having to go back to it as old content when not everyone wants to run it anymore.
  • Buff will allow those who wouldn’t normally see it, see it without detracting from those who wanted to be the first and have challenges that met their mettle
  • Buff will allow more people to follow the overall storyline to its conclusion then raiding did in 3.1, or as a better example Black Temple or Sunwell, or even the Original Naxx when it was 40 man.

First off Blizzard makes these huge fantastic raids like Icecrown and Ulduar, but the sad fact is that even with the changes brought out in Wrath not everyone still gets to the end boss of a dungeon before its time to move onto the next one. There are still numerous people out there now working on Dreamwalker and the Blood Queen who have never seen Yogg Die.

For example a quick look at of guilds have cleared ICC in normal mode to date, Guild Ox shows that the figure is around 30.63% of Guilds as having killed him in 10 man. Now compare this to the “Descent into Madness” which Guild Ox shows as having been completed by 39.51% of the population since it was brought in. As a 2nd point we can see that 54-60% have downed Dreamwalker, Blood Queen and Putricide. These guys are approximatly equal to the Keepers of Ulduar which Guild Ox shows 68.5% of guilds having killed since Ulduar was released.

Ulduar was released in 3.1 and in 14 months there have been as many Yogg Kills as Lich King Kills … although Icecrown has only been out half that time. So come 14 months out from 3.3 (or say the release of Cataclysm) how many people will have killed the Lich King? Who knows, but my bet is it is a bigger % of the population that anything in the past – and if thats the case that is a good thing.