So I finally dragged myself around to reading the Interview that Wowhead did with Ghostcrawler, and overall it was a refreshing read to see the developer speak his piece and it should remind everyone out there that Blizzard is actually listening. One thing did stand out for me though was this:

Malgayne: Lots and lots of people were asking about raising the character limit per server.

Ghostcrawler: *laughs*

Malgayne: That’s a very common question, especially since you’ve got twelve races now instead of ten, but only ten slots.

Ghostcrawler: Yeah. Um…there are—it’s funny, there are really mixed views on that on the team. Some are like well, why don’t we just do it, people are asking for it? but then others are like, players say they want it, but do they really want it? Or are they just like, camping on a bunch of names for alts and stuff like that? Are they really playing all of those 10 characters pretty regularly? And I think where we left it is, we were going to do some pretty hardcore research to try and figure out how many players are really at that cap, and are they at that cap legitimately, or do they have like, six level ones they never play, or something like that.

Now this is something that I’ve talked about with my guildies before, and probably will again. Looking at Ghostcrawlers response to the question I can see where they have concerns and I can understand what they are thinking..  which is not what the nay sayers I play with are saying.

When I originally asked in guild if peeps would want to be able to create more then 10 toons on one realm, or heck use up all 50 character slots on 1 realm most said they would prefer that, others said they didn’t like the idea, and some said that they thought it would add stress to the servers. (Though if you can only be logged in on 1 toon at a time I don’t know how this would help keep lag problems away).

Here is my opinion though, I think it should be allowed, admittedly I would probably still have toons on two realms but I would like the option to have more than 10 toons on a realm. At this stage I have 2 realms I visit regularly. The first houses my beloved druid, my shammy and a host of other horde toons, oh and a single alliance pally. The second houses my alliance toons who I made initially to see theopposite side of the storyline and who have now formed a new guild with guildies from my other realm so that we can all enjoy lvling alliance toons together. So at the moment everything is all good.

But Cataclysm is coming .. and I want to try out the options it is bringing, and I want to be able to interact with those people I know. With 9 toons on my main realm this leaves me with hard choices .. do I look at the Tauren and finally make a Horde Paladin that I won’t be ashamed to play on, do I roll a second druid (troll of course) so I can check out what the tanking/melee side of it is like, or do I roll a goblin priestess because a horde priest is the only class I  currently don’t have on the realm?

Those, those are only the basic questions, but there are other things to consider. One of the main tanks in my Guild is now up to his 5th level 80 with a 6th in its 70’s because he enjoys levelling and crafting and the different playstyles, but he likes to be able to gossip with people while he levels. I, on the other hand, after over 3 years playing have finally gotten a 2nd toon to 80 (my shammy) after he languished as a little used character for most of that time, even though I created him on the same day as my druid and my hunter (who is just over 40), you see I prefer to try and get everything done on the one toon and only use alts as an escape when needed.  Just because I may only jump on them brielfy once a month doesn’t mean that I don’t feel invested in the toon, or that I don’t want it somewhere where they can still easily talk to people I know.

Now I can see why Blizzard would be concerned about camping and about how much they are played but I feel differently. Everyone plays the game for different reasons and as far as it doesn’t cause Blizzard any harm I don’t see how allowing this would effect them badly .. it may actually solve some problems. Either way, its good to hear Blizzard is considering it, and I personally hope they allow more toons per realm.