You know cats are very independant, and if we didn’t feed them I am sure they would be happy to ignore everything else for their entire lives . Dogs though, dogs are needy, they need company, attention, companionship.. and a rare dog needs someones throat to rip out but I won’t follow that line of thought. Humans though are incredibly dog-like, we instinctivly reach out and make connections with others, forming bonds without even realising it.

When I started playing World Of Warcraft a little over three years ago I never imagined that I would be sitting behind a computer deeply mourning the loss of someone I have known only via the internet for three years .. yes I know a bit about the persons work, family, life, etc .. but in essence what I know of this person was from how she behaved through an online avatar. Those who don’t play online games probably will think this is a little odd, but I have come to realise that as someone running a social guild we make a lot of connections andprobably invest more of ourselves into the game and helping others than I had realised.

The death of a Guild Member and how it has effected myself and other players is probably the strongest example but as I look back there have been numerous times in the past three years where I have felt emotianal highs and lows based on news of what is happening with other players and their lives. I guess what I am getting at is that we are such communal creatures that even when we can’t see each other we instinctively make bonds with those we can interact  with.

When I think of all the people I have met in game who through their lack of good behaviour makes my blood boil compared to those who act like reasonable and sociable human beings I do have to admit, it is the latter who I remember best and who make gaming worth while. For those whom I have had a lot of contact with over the years, if I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now .. you are part of what has made online gaming as addictie as it is, and I have appreciated your company.

Now throw me a bone here and clean out my kennel!