So I have started playing Starcraft 2, and I have to say its as good as the original, if not better in some respects. So far the Gameplay has been smooth, I’ve had less connection issues then I have with WoW and the campaigns and videos are just awesome. Add that to the fact my avatar is a Tauren Marine, and all my units are painted with Horde Symbols and I am one happy camper. This wonderful game won’t take me away from WoW for much though, once I’ve gotten myself throughthe campaign in full and seen the story unwind SC will probably only be a casual game for me.

My one gripe though is the whole Battle.Net server problem. You see even though I play WoW on an Oceanic Server it is based on the US Battlenet, and I will freely admit I hadn’t done any research into what was happening with Battlenet with Starcraft beyond “zomg cool, means I can still play SC2 and keep in touch with guildies for when they need me.” Turns out I was wrong, you see Starcraft 2 is on an SEA Battlenet. Which in one way is great, it means us Oceanic & South East Asian players finally have our own server, and so far the playability in regards to lag has been fairly good (nothing I would complain about), but I can’t talk to all my WoW Friends.

Right now Blizzard knows this is a problem and plans to let players on SEA Battlenet be able to play on SEA or US Battlenet some time in the net 60 odd days, but what that means is that (a) when we change ourselves over 2 the US Battlenet we loose all our ladder rankings, acheivments etc (b) we lose the ability to use a localised regional server and wind back up on a US one, which may for many mean increased ping (c) we can then chat through real id with our WoW Friends.

Overall that Blizzard is already working to fix this is great, even though I am annoyed that it happened in the first place, but there should be more options. Allowing the SEA server players to also access the US server players only means that (a) we can chit chat and play with US friends made (b) the SEA Servers will become very quiet.

Now those that will want the US servers no matter what will be those that have still been playing Starcraft 1 right up until this date, and no other option will change their mind. For others though there is an alternative  – shift all the current “Oceanic WoW Servers” to the SEA Battlenet .. see how brilliant is that! All those players that only play WoW on oceanic realms will be thrilled because they finally get a regional server like they wanted, SC2 players on SEA battlenet can talk to their oceanic Friends and not feel compelled to travel to the US server and that in turn will encourage SC2 only players to remain on the SEA server. Problem Solved, especially IF they still allow SEA servers to choose is they want SEA or US Battlenet.

It’s a pipe dream .. I know. But I would much rather use a local server for both if I could, or failing that play both on 1 server rather than have them split all over the place & causing me communications difficulties.