I’m sitting here this morning with a paper ticket in my hands, an honest to god paper airline ticket. This may not seem strange but it is the first that I have seen in about 3 years, and seeing it reminded me that in some ways a paper ticket, seems more .. real, a more tangible evidence of travelling then an e-ticket or printed e-ticket ever could.

Don’t get me wrong I love e-tickets .. no more hand cramps from hours writing MPDs, MCO, PTAs and normal tickets, or worrying about if the ticket machine is spooling correctly because the last thing you need is to get a jam and waste tickets only to have to cancel everythign youve redone in system because the printer was out by 2 lines. No from a processing point of view e-tickets are the go. Even from an agents view they are great for travellers. No more lost tickets – we can now just re-email it to you – which saves a fortune from the clients side.

But as great as they are there is just something missing in a printed A4 page or two that holding a real ticket with its carbonised paper and printing bring to the feel of travel, especially for those who don’t find themselves travelling daily. Despite having used etickets for a decade now a paper ticket in my hands still feels like a more valid piece of documentation.

Despite a wave of nostalgia though I truley, can’t think of any way other then perception that a physical ticket is better than an e-ticket, still even if presentation isn’t as good the service from most of the industry is better than ever, though do not get me started on airlines 😛