I was looking today at the new Horde Introductions for Cataclysm and in the end only 1 thing stuck in my mind .. I hope to blazes that they have the death of Cairne, and the Grimtotem seige of Thunderbluff as part of the pre-expansion event and not shunted away in a novel.

Cairne, while he has been pretty quiet for the last 4 years or so, is one of the pillar figures of the current Horde, and he is a figure who has proven himself again and again since the he first appeared in Warcraft 3. To dispose of him in a novel will not only be a great injustice but will leave the vast majority of players wondering how, with the duel, then the Grimtotem Uprising, the Tauren manage to stay with the Horde in any case.

What we need to see is Cairne dying at Garrosh’s had .. show it to us every hour for a weekend or something, and then launch a week or 2 long event to retake Thunderbluff from the Grimtotem – I know we are retaking the Echo Islands,but the leader who forged our entire race into a single fighting force has just been offed .. we need closure!

Its probably a pipe dream, and while I will read any book/comic as I have done in the past all I can say is if this event doesn’t happen in game then I will be one sad and dissapointed panda.