Frankly I still don’t like that I won’t be in tree form continuosly. Tree form was an immediatly recognisable , iconic, form that showed what and who I was. Hell, I remember when learning certain fights how often the Raid leader would tell ranged DPS to follow the tree because he knew where to stand and run to – and how much easier isnt it to find a tree rather then just another armoured Tauren?

Anyway the reason for this post is that I can’t figure out where people who cry that they want to see their armour are coming from. I see my armour when I am not in a dungeon or raiding, as a tree or a moonkin I see it most of the time I am in-game. Truthfully I could stand to see it a little less because barring Tier 6 (which I adore with all my heart) Druid armour has been some of the ugliest armour I have seen in game. From Moose Horns to Shoulders with their Own Fruit Vines most of the Druid gear is not something I woudl want to be seen in.

So lets take a look at what Druid Tier Gear has been (since T3 & T7 virtually identical I only show T7)

So after review, ok there are 2 sets I would be proud to be seen it at all times (Tiers 5 & 6), otherwise I’d rather stay as a tree or a moonkin. But, as I said those are my opinions. What about you? Would you prefer to be seen in form or in the above style get-ups (and that means all of the above style, after all other classes don’t get a choice)?