Did anyone reading this ever play the Commodore 64 .. games like Giana Sisters, Chucky Egg, Wizzard of War, Pitfall, Mission Impossible, Wizzard, Bubble Bobble, Wonder Boy and all those clasics of your early gaming years?

What about  the early PC games, especially those played in DOS, like Doom, Heretic, Wolfestein 3d, pinball wizzard, wacky races and all those what now look like terrible graphic games?

You know what a lot of these games had in common (barring a start and finish) is that in playing a lot of earlier games you had something called ‘a score’ this score was generated by collecting items, killing bad guys and finishing levels etc etc depending on the game and the more you did the higher your score was.

You know what a score did? Nothing, it allowed you to boast to the person holding the other joystick next to you that you did something slightly better then they did. It allowed you to set a goal where you coudl say “ok next round I am going to beat such and such’s score”

Now lets fast forward the old C64 tape deck, its now a dvd-rom, its 2010 and a c64 is close to 30 years pat its prime. We’ve gone from playing text based adventure games to immersive online multiplayer roleplaying games. Welcome to Warcraft.

Guess what? Warcraft has a score screen. But of course score would mean that we are competing rather then all playing how we want, the truth is that it is indeed a score screen. If you do something right you get the points, if you don’t do something right then you don’t get the points and you come back later and try again.

What does this score provide now that the scores on the old c64 didn’t provide? The answer is next to nothing. The points you get still don’t allow for anything but bragging rights and epeen stroking.

So the next time you are Playing World of Warcraft (or Starcraft 2 for that matter) remember that although your score points .. sorry acheivment points as Blizzard have dubbed them .. give you absolutley nothing, remember that in 30 odd years of computer gaming history this is exactly what they have always done.