I will admit I am always a little more then dissapointed with Leatherworking, mostly because it seems neglected. The same I suppose could be said for Blacksmithing, and to some extent tailoring. The problem seems that despite a lot of professions getting new recipies there is not a lot in game to make professions fun, and regularly usable beyond that 1 item buff you can make.

As a neglected leatherworker it seems that Engineers get all the ‘fun stuff’ while professions like Jewelcrfting and Enchanting is where all the money is. I think that Leatherwoking needs more, to make it not only enjoyable but profitable. So what could be added? How about items that help in ways other then just plain gear or gear buffs?

Riding Crops: OK so Blizzard doesn’t want to have these for flying mounts .. why not let us make riding crops usable for land or water mounts that give a 10% increase on their normal speed, and make it an item that effects you from in a bag so there is no QQ over forgetting to de-equip from a trinket slot.

War Boar Harness: How about making a harness that once we craft it can be used to go out and ‘tame’ a specific animal and turn it into a new mount. Unlike engineers flying mounts I think this should be BoE after all its not a really fun if otehrs can’t get it.

Bags: Leather is much, much sturdier then cloth, and yes while I know we make gathering bags I see no reason why we can’t make normal carry bags as well.

Saddle bags: Ok so if we cant make regular bags how about saddle bags.. saddle bags would technically be carried by your mount & accessable only while mounted and would each have say 30 slots (2 bags on a mount)

Cured Bearskin/Sheepskin/Tigerskin etc: Cured animal hides that can be used as blankets so that if you log out wearing it (but not at an inn) you can still regain rested xp .. though maybe at a slower rate

Cloaks: I mean real cloaks, not the capes they currently give us. I dont care if they take up the same slot or a new one but a real cloak would look so much better then a cape – just take a look at the Miev model for example.

Sling: Select a critter, click this item from your bag and shoot a rock at it.

Of course some of the above are extremes but you can see what I am saying. Some crafts need a boost so that they are not simply used for the initial gearing and occassional gear upgrade – make them fun and maybe even regularly useful beyond a single item (such as a Blacksmiths belt Buckle)

Cross-Crafting: The other thing that I think would be extremly cool would be cross crafting. Could you imagine wanting to make an item but some parts are required from a different craft.

For example lets say a Scribe and a Leatherworker gets a recipie called “The Darkfallens Book of Horrors” and using it will summon a demon or undead to fight for you (similar to how the Commanders Badge from Netherwing dailies do). You could have leatherworkers create components like “Gnome Skin Covers” or “Human Flesh Pages”, and then scribes would be able to contribute items like “necrotic runes” or “Fel tainted inks”.

Or you could have other items that require parts from all crafts. Say a 5 person mount like a chariot/wagon/coach. Blacksmiths could buld frames, engineers cogs/axels etc, leatherworkers could provide bridles, tailors cushions (or seats), alchemists could include a ‘waterskin’ or wineskin, enchanters could provide a mount of sort (say a summoned horse like a dreadstead), jewelcrafters could supply an enchanted gem which could upgrade it from a slow mount to a faster one, and scribes could provide a “Guild Crest” which would display the drivers guild crest on the side. Any and all crafters would be able to make the end item but the parts would need to come from a variety of professions.

All things being equal I think they need to make crafting and professions into a bigger mini-game based on player to player interaction, but thats just my 2 cents.