I was wathing an argument between a few Guildies who were on opposite sides of how Blizzard has handles the whole tier tree system in Wrath. The truth is I wasn’t sure which side to wade in on but I will tell you all what I really, really despise in game .. RNG.

I have been extremely lucky in some cases, I managed to get the Zulian Tiger a few months ago (thanks to the other two I was running with saying they had no interest in it) and managed to get each of the 4 dragon whelps in under an hours farming each. In other cases I have been terribly terribly annoyed .. 7 months of eggs for a green proto drake, over a years worth of dailies at Brunhildar Village for a polar bear, and so far I have been totally unsuccessful at getting an offhand upgrade since Ulduar.

As a rest druid in a 10 man raid I tend to not roll on cloth against the priests, mages and locks in party beause they are restricted to cloth. But the chance of a weapon dropping that I can use, or a trinket, or an offhand are fairly rare. The moonkin in our raid has been waiting since lady Deathwhisper became available for the offhand Item, and having killed it every week we have seen it drop once .. once in almost a years worth of killing her.

When I go back and consider gearing in TBC I realise it is ridiculous that in the months our guild did Kara as we gained enough level 70’s and started gearing that I received only 1 piece of useful gear .. since spending 3 hours every weekend meant that I geared up past kara gear levels faster by pvp then by raiding. I think (well ths was a whiel ago) the only item I wanted was something that dropped from Aran, and all I can recall is that I didn’t see it drop until a few days before Wraths release. It is remembering this, and how long it took in the Burning Crusade to get our players geared compared to now that finally helped me make up my mind.

I have come to the understanding that how we geared , or how easily we geared, in T9 and T10 was the way it should be. It meant that someone new coudl rise up from nowhere and quickly join the end-game instead of having to run and rerun dozens of times instances that those running them had already done to death. It meant that with at least a minimum amount of effort even if only on a daily basis you would soon have enough quality gear to allow you to attempt the latest of what Blizzard is offering. With T9 and T10 there was no reason that anyone couldn’t be geared enough to enter ICC 10 Man and do even the first 2 bosses unless they were totally lazy.

Some people might say that this panders to those without skill but that is untrue.  It allows people the opportunity tp gear up and attempt the end game – from there  on its up to the player to know how to play and perform after all as I have said often skill is more important then gear. I’ve seen tanks with GS of close to 6k less able to tank H HoR then tanks with a GS of 4.5k, why? because skill is more important then gear – even if having the right gear allows access to content.

Which is what it is about – access to content. Not the ability to clear content. Not the chance at awesome loot. But access to see and experience game content. That is hands down why the T9 and T10 system works because regardless of your luck with RNG, regardless of when you started, regardless or how skilled you are .. it still allows you to become prepared enough to al least attempt to access content as blizzard prepares it.

So yes, I hope Blizzard keeps going with how they have on T9 and T10 .. because it allows as many as possible the chance, the opportunity to experience everything. Now to wait for 4.0.1 so I can gear the shammy whom I have been to lazy to gear until now.