So, I managed to win one of Blizzards contests and grabbed 10 Beta keys for my Guild .. I know its now less than two months away but what the heck. So anyway I get onto the Beta and make an arduos journey from Dalaran to Orgrimmar without a portal … then spent 20 minutes trying to figure out where everything was in Orgrimmar before I gave up on that.

In mentioning the new Orgrimmar I should note that while it feels more like a city then ever before it reminds me more of Shattrath then Dalran. Wide open boulevards and a few smaller nooks and crannies, and between all the new lifts, stairs, areas established on te above plateau and the varying crevasses I am totally lost. A few things remain in te general vacinity of where they used to be (such as the Hunter trainer, or the Cooking Trainer) but I have to admit that the city has changed enough that I get lost. Thunder Bluff has always been my favourite city and the sheer scope of the new Orgrimmar sent me scurrying there for the familiar comforts of a city I know better.

In 3 hours I’ve flown across most of Southern Kalimdor, raised Archeology to level 30 and managed to get a comb (of which I am certain a certain shaman in my guild would have killed for), checked out the new hunchbacked tree form, finally decided to send the druid to Hyjal, levelled a goblin 3 levels (wow I hear you say) and raised a Worgen about 6 levels.

All in all I am a little overwhelmed. There is so much to see and do that finding a start point is particularly difficult. That is probably all for the best though as it means I will have more then enough to occupy my time when live rolls around. For now I plan to run around beta azeroth on several toons like a headless chicken until my guildies have finally got their betas installed and then I may brave a dungeon or two.

While all these changes are interesting there is one question that really burns in my soul at the moment .. what is with the plateau between Mulgore and Stonetalon that is filled with Weapon Wielding Critters? Rabbits with Axes, Prarie Dogs with Pith Helms .. and more. I sort of sat there a bit gobsmacked for a while. Most amusing change or scene I have seen yet.