While I was busy socialising with guildies this weekend past one thing from Blizzard did penetrate my alcohol induced haze.. they are getting rid of class quests. I don’t know what anyone else thinks but for me this kills almost any real reason to level an alt. Why? Because any non-class quest is done by my druid, because I like to do everything possible on him.

What this means is that anything truly unique from levelling a specific class is gone .. no warlock or paladin mount quests, no blood knight tabard quest, no priest or hunter quests from MC drops, no form quests for druids and no totem quests for shamans. Unlike others I enjoy these quests, they are what makes levelling a new class something unique.

To me their removal is a huge leap backwards and I can only say that I am extremely disappointed. I was hoping that we would see a new class quest every second level from 1 to 85 .. I knew it was high hopes but hey it would have been more fun then the same quest or dungeon for the 4th, 5th, or 50th time.