After having this argument with a guildy the other day I thought I may as well pen it down here. Let me start by saying I am an avid in game mini-pet collector and have over a hundred and thirty now .. so if Blizzard say they are releasing a new pet like the baby moonkin on the pet store hell yes I am going to buy it, whether it means giving blizzard extra cash or not .. I’d rather spend a simple $10 and get an e-pet then fork out a fortune for those from the TCG.

At any rate it got to the point where we were arguing why people should buy pets that give Blizzard extra money, in the end its all personal choice and there is not much more you can say about it. Except when it comes to the Charity Pets and what is involved with them. When the Pandaren Monk was released, for a limited sale duration 50% of sales profits (I think thats what it said when I bought it) went to a Blizzard nominated charity. Personally I don’t care about the specifics of the charity for this argument but the fact remains that they willingly donated 50% of their profit on the monk to charity.

Why should this make you reconsider buying a charity pet then , 2 reasons (well at least for Australians). First off the money isn’t all going to Blizzard, claiming they are doing it to line their own pockets is not the full truth and by purchasing it you are sendng at least some of the money you spend to a good cause. Secondly, and here is the winner, because it is a charity item the cost of the amount spent on it is fully claimable as a taxable deduction on your annual tax returns here in Australia .. which means that you can get a good portion of what you paid for it back from the government, or especially for the lower income earners probably all of it.

So you are getting something you like, promoting a good cause and then the government will reimburse some or all of the cost .. from my point of view if you are looking at a charity pet its a win/win situation.