So, I’ve been visiting the general forums and have been quite alarmed at what I have been seeing. The Alliance are saying we have been attempting to take over everywhere, those treacherous, tongue twisting trollops are trying to have me believe that we .. the Horde .. are the bad guys, I mean this, so many feel that the Horde is evil and that we are in the wrong,really! To such a peaceful Tauren as myself this was indeed upsetting, I mean as far as I knew things were going along swimmingly, but apparently not.

But I have been to see the office of public information in Orgrimmar and have had much confusion cleared up. Low and behold, I am told of the true goings on and now I am here to debunk a lot of the propaganda that the Alliance is feeding to us. They would have us believe they are struggling for their very survival against uncountable legions intent on their very obliteration when the truth is as far from this as it could possibly be.

OK I will bow to the fact that we did invade Gilneas, a country who so loved the Alliance that they told the alliance to piss off and not bother them .. EVER AGAIN, a nation who let its own seedy disease spread north of their so called wall and allow the infection to spread amongst the peaceful people of the Forsaken. What other choice did we have but to invade Gilneas and attempt to stamp out the Worgen Disease.

I mean if the Forsaken were really bad we would be invading other nations territory, Dalaran boundaries remain secure despite border skirmishes, Alterac is still too far out of the way for us to bother with and the ogres seem comfortable, Aerie peak is beyond our consideration. So far we only claim Lorderon, and if that means we need to crush rebels in out of the way holdings like Southshore then so be it, or if we need to force the invading armies of Stormwind out of strongholds such as Andorhal .. so be it, I make no apologies for defending sovereign territory!

Furthermore we will do everything to uphold dead right, just because you no longer breathe doesn’t mean you have no rights to your property. In fact being dead has its advantages .. you won’t need to tax the living for supplies as much for one! As such we support the Forsaken moves to ensure that the rightful prince of Stromgarde is placed in control of Arathi over the obnoxious upstart Danath.

If the Forsaken were not such a friendly bunch they would never have helped our Blood Elf Brethren re-pacify the lands of Eversong and around Tranquilen regaining it from the Scourge. While the Bloof Elf feuding with our former Ammani colleagues may not look the best to outsiders we are sure it will be resolved when the real Zul’jin shows up.

Its also been accused that the Orcs and Trolls have been pushing for more land in the Eastern Kingdoms, this is patently unjust. In the Hinterlands the orcs have only been active helping their Reventusk Allies secure themselves against their Troll Cousins, and against the ravaging raids of berserk wildhammer dwarves who have no self-control at all.

The Orcs in Alterac were originally exiled there because no-one was there and they would be nicely out of everyones way during the first and second wars. Then as they regained their place in Orc society Dwarves come marching in to cause trouble. I think I am seeing a reoccurring pattern here. I think you can see why they won’t give up a place that has been their home for over twenty years!

Talking of having their homes invaded, Stonard is now under attack by humans who for over twenty years have wanted NOTHING to do with the Swamp of Sorrows, but now all of a sudden whamo, its to good a place to let those orcs live .. we can’t have them continuing to use up our fetid oxygen! admittedly we did take the nearby fort from the Dreadmaul Ogres, but that was an internal affair after they tried to rebel shortly after the second war and should not in any way of form be seen as a horde attempt to gain dominance over the only passageway leading to the Dark Portal!

I have also heard claims that we are trying to gain footholds in Strangethorn as a prepetory move to take Stormwind. Again I must disabuse the Alliance of this notion. Strangethorn is the Ancestral home of the Darkspear and we are simply trying to make sure that their bretheren don’t succumb to the fallout of the death of Hakkar. While at the same time protecting their holy sites from pirates and now from Alliance Invaders who have no claim at all on the territory!

In regards to our new fortress in the badlands this has been built to protect ourselves from Dark Iron Dwarves who are now openly allied with the Dwarves of Ironforge .. go on tell me one of them doesn’t sit on the ruling council .. while we deal with the Black Dragonflight and the Blackrock Orcs who are muddying the political waters because humans (unlike orcs) can’t tell the difference between one faction and another! Once again I must remind you that Blackrock Orcs are in no way involved with the Horde, they are as much part of the Horde as Southsea Pirates are part of the Alliance.

To the dwarf in the back asking me why the Dragonmaw are still fighting in the Wetlands when their clan has recently re-joined the Horde. I ask you why should we bother removing them from their homes of so many years when you still refuse to cease digging in Tauren Holy Grounds!

But that is for tomorrows session when I will talk about Kalimdor .. the Issue here today is the Eastern Kingdoms, and as you can see at every front the Horde is beset by ruthless Alliance aggression! For years the Alliance sent mercenaries to help the rebels in lorderon, now that’s not enough and they are invading directly, in Arathi they are attempting to tell us we don’t have a legitimate claim to the throne, in the Hinterlands, Alterac, Badlands, Blasted Lands and Swamp Of Sorrows they are attempting to drive us out entirely by direct force , and in Stranglethorn they now attempt to push us out of hereditary lands while making it look like we are in the wrong and preparing for war!

So no, the Horde are not ‘getting everything’ as so many complain. In the eastern Kingdoms at least we are struggling at every turn to maintain our sovereignty and independence from the Alliance War machine led by the Imperialist Rulers of Stormwind and Ironforge. Yes, these are tears rolling down my cheeks as I think of how hard we need to fight against the Alliance as well as varied rogue factions just to maintain a basic quality of living .. and here the Alliance dare to say we are in the wrong! It makes me wonder how their society can thrive with them all being such black hearted thieves and liars.

If this isn’t proof enough that the Horde have been entirely too relaxed in defending themselves against the incursions of the so-called peace-loving alliance then come back later and I will tell you what they are doing in Kalimdor, and the my friend you will truly know their treachery!

To the Horde out there I implore you, do as we do and begin your recruitment drives to fend off this impending threat to our way of life!