Cataclym has been out for a month now and I thought i’d drop by this sorley neglected blog and post a few notes.

I have to say at this stage I am not enjoying healing in Cataclysm. Most of it comes from being an unstoppable force who could carry anyone through a heroic to being someone who now watches dps die in fire and spends almost as much time watching my mana bar as I do the health of others. Ghostcrawler said a while back that dps shouldn’t have to watch thier mana too closely because doing that wasn’t fun. Well its not fun for me either, and on average I think I have more targets (and more unpredictable targets at that) to watch then any dps!

Anyway thats that, my little QQ over the fact that so far I don’t like healing. I’ll persevere and hopefully things will brighten up 🙂 Might play around with a few different spec builds and see if that makes a difference to start with.

A few other notes and random thoughts ..

Weapon Enchants: This has been nagging me since the end of TBC but can we please get a reduction in the number of weapon enchants that produce bright glowy or dark drippy special effects. I want to enchant my weapon but be able to see the weapon not the enchant. I mean if I was really a druid trying to sneak into an enemies lair the last thing I need is a weapon that lights up the ground for 10 feet in every direction. I will admit in TBC it was always a bit dissapointing that if u wanted a weapon that looked enchanted you needed an frost or fire enchant .. but it went from not enough glow to too much glow. There has to be a balance somewhere in between.

Archeology: Allow us to choose what racial digsites we are after. Even if you have to go to your trainer and say “Belloc Old Chap, screw digging through all this Night Elf Garbage that is literally EVERYWHERE, just give me a list of sites for Trolls.” All I want is to be able to say .. yeh I would like to do a few dwarf digs (for example) without needing to clear a dozen troll and 4 fossil digs to get my first dwarf one.

Daily Quests: I don’t farm Items for the Auction house so I generally make money through dailies. But the fact is there are simply not enough dailies to satisfy me. Between Therazane, Dragonmaw, Tol Barad and the few random dailies they have around (down in Uldum, Gurubashi Arena, Profession Dailies etc) there are not enough current end level dailies to keep me interested, there is no real range of choice. Id like to be able to say “hmmm, I have 25 dailies I can do today and there are close to a hundered I could choose from.What to do, what to do?”

Brewmaster: Captain Rumsey’s Larger, South Island Iced Tea, Kungaloosh, Highland Spirits and Darkbrew Larger – if you don’t have these in your recipie book how can you truly think you deserve the brewmaster title!

Last but not least to all those people who are putting items on the AH for crazy prices .. I will not buy them! 1200g for spell thread or 1500g for a leg patch is not in any way acceptable. I shall continue to barter in guild until the prices settle to a reasonable level.