Its taken a while but I am slowly regaining confidence in healing in Cataclysm. Its slow and at times I still want to run away screaming in fear (like when I see Stonecore pop up as a random heroic) but its getting better. I am coming to grips with where my shortfalls are and attempting to get past them but its not always easy.

It really struck me that things were starting to get that comfortable feeling again when I did a Heroic Halls Of Origination Run last night. Now we had to summon since one of the group members wasn’t geared but i figured the other dps had been 85 a whiel so any slight on his part would be covered. We zoned in and 2 said they hadn’t been here on heroic and one hadn’t seen it on norm so I expected a few wipes.

Which we did .. we wiped on the first boss when dps stood in fire,  and in the halls of light where there was simply no room to get in range of the boss due to purple voids (yes the tank didn’t pull him out of them to an area the rest could stand in), but barring those 2 wipes things went smoothly, slowly as people went afk and did real life stuff .. but I wasn’t in a hurry. In fact things went great until Setesh, and then we started hitting a wall.

Every other boss was dead and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Setesh wasn’t dieing .. ok so dps didn’t always dodge those terrible shadow bomb thingys, but I got their health up quickly afterwards, no the wern’t standing in explosive green stuff, and yes the tank was grabbing all the adds .. at least to a point where there was so many he couldn’t hold them all, I mean he had over 2 dozen running on him continually and he was still trying to pick up stragglers. In the end on the 5th or 6th attempt we got him .. it may have cost myself and the tank our lives to hold all those adds away from thh group but we got him, but I was still curious why we seemed to have had so much trouble on this one boss out of the 7 in the dungeon.

So I did the one thing I haven’t done in ages .. I asked if someone could link dps (I have turned off my recount for a while) and there we had it .. 3 dps all doing less than 6.5k at a peak for this boss with the average being around 5.8-6k for every attempt at this boss and overall throughout the entire dungeon. I mean I know I can put out about 7.5k in balance spec in resto gear (yes I know I am terrible), but for the most part what I do as dps is what most seem to expect as about the minimum in a heroic. Being able to clear a full Heroic (even one of the easy ones) with 3 dps doing less than that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and has after over a month of worrying about the state of heals given me some hope that things are definatly improving with time.