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So Zul’Gurub and Zul’Amman look to be making a comeback in 4.1, which I think is great. Not everyone may agree, but for me these two raids were always two of my favourites, if only in look or feel. I am not sure if I like that they are coming back as 5 man heroics rather then 10 man raids but (and I stress this) the Troll Dungeons and raids have always been my favourite. I will admit point blank that I am incredibly dissapointed that we didn’t have a Gundrak Raid instead of that ToC travesty in Wrath.

It turns out that they are also bringing new models back to replace the old raptor, bear and tiger mounts so that the old ones will still be “special snowflakes”. I have the Tiger, and although frankly I wouldn’t have cared if they brought it back for others I can’t say I am dissapointed in having the chance to add extra mounts to my growing collection!

I do sort of wonder how they are going to tie these into the current world though .. I mean we have explanations for the updated Shadowfang Keep and Deadmines but how will these two tie up? I haven’t been to Ferales much lately but I am pretty sure the original quest chain that had you ‘loose’ Hakkar is gone, so I wonder how they will bring back this boss for a 3rd time!(OK he is supposedly a God but 3 lives is pushing it.)

As for Zul’Amman I really hope they do something special with the storyline there I always felt it was .. lacking in the original release. Hands down Zul’jin is one of the greatest Old Horde Heroes around, every one of his contemporaries is already dead, being killed or missing. So I hope something great occurs, I mean so far the survival rate and of Alliance Heroes of the same time is much higher, and to date Blizzard hasn’t started killing them off as dungeon bosses! Anyway I digress.

The fact is that both of these are coming back and I really hope they do as much to bolster the storyline of both as they can. Just looking (for example) of the Questlines of Thousand Needles and of Burning Steppes I hope that the return of these 2 dungeons will leave me as happy from a lore point of view as these two zones new questlines did.

So here is hoping that the Griftah is the real Zul’jin and he is finally striking back at the imposters!

PS: For those wondering here is a list of “notables” from the WC2 Era & their status. Old Alliance: Alive: Danath Trollbane, Khadgar, Kurdran Wildhammer Dead: Anduin Lothar, Uther Lightbringer Missing: Turalyon,Alleria Windrunner. Old Horde: Alive: Cho’Gall & Deathwing. Dead: Grom Hellscream, Kargath Bladefist, Zul’jin (or is he if he is coming back in 4.1?), Gul’dan, Dentarg,Teron Gorefiend. Others: Of other notables at the time (but not units from the game, at least that I can recall) Genn Greymane is still kicking, Teranas Menethil and Ogrim Doomhammer are Dead and Kilrogg Deadeye is MIA.


I was reading a one of the threads on the official wow forums today (you can see it here) and one of the posters was complaining about how it seems to be expected that people search outside sources for information on a game they are playing because that information isn’t readily available in game.

Responding to that the CM Bashiok agrees that people shouldn’t need to alt tab out for further information but they haven’t found a way of introducing anything into the game yet that will allow them to send out broadcasts and such on information. Such as “Yes, although that Leatherworing pattern says lvl425 it should read 525”, or “yes your archaeology bar is broken and will keep counting fragments till the dogs come home .. when it tells you that you have 44/35 needed just solve the damn thing!”

I thought how could they do this .. I mean if they could translate a lot of what goes on in their blogs, forum posts etc into the game how much better wouldn’t it really be for information dissemination. Then it came to me .. they have message boards, they just need to improve their function!

We have all seen the bulletin boards since Cataclysm started, they are a great way to point you onto where you should be questing next. But what if they were used to post blog style information. You click on the board and you have the “quest” options like normal and underneath is a “Browse other notices” speech bubble like you would see when you want more information from an NPC.

Click on that and it brings up a list of major issues as well as options to look at specific related issues (ie classes, professions & dungeons). It doesn’t have to be overly flash but as long as people can read it that is what matters .  Just imagine .. you open your noticeboard while having the morning Coffee and it reads:

You just click on the topic you want and can read the latest patch notes, forum posts, tweets whatever because it can all be updated live blog style by blizzard. Probably to much to hope for .. but my dreaming aside an ingame blog or newsfeed from Blizzard would be extremely beneficial all round. I think for those that have limited internet access (i.e whose machines can’t handle wow and a blog at the same time, or for teens whos parents don’t like them browsing the internet) then something like this would be a very useful ingame tool.

What about you? Wouldn’t you like to have some of the information in game that you only ever hear about through other sources?

Wow, its been close to a month since the last post, and here I was telling myself at New Years I would try to get at least 1 post out every two weeks. Then again I had also hoped to develop my companies new website by the end of January and now, some 400 sub pages later I am about two-thirds of the way there! At any rate between real life and wow things have been busy, but I have had time to run around doing some experimenting with other classes which has kind of alarmed me.

You see I raid as resto. I was sorta forced into it back when I ht level cap in TBC and grew to love it from there. Outside dungeons and raids though its Moonkin form and for the general mobs out and about it has always sufficed, I have never had a worry attacking a mob and then being overly concerned when another appears to gank me.

Enter the Cataclysm and there I am first day fighting in Hyjal and I accidently aggro a second Worgen and proceed to have my face eaten. Now this could be attributed to the fact (possibly) that I don’t gear for dps, but even so  I’ve just left Northrend where close to a dozen mobs could attack me at once (while in Resto gear) and I could fend them off, and now 2 mobs the same level in a different zone are eating my face. So maybe Blizzard have tweaked the difficulty.  Now that I am 85 and still running round killing mobs in resto gear I still can’t take on 3 mobs in Tol Barad at a time, and have trouble with 2. Even our guilds leading Moonkin dps hates being attacked by more than 1 mob at a time. How the mighty have fallen, from slayers of armies to murderers of individuals.

Needing a break I slipped onto my Goblin priest the other day .. a class I have always had trouble levelling because I found the playstyle aweful and how quickly they oomed rather degenerate. At level 13 I was trying to gather up a few flight points and running through Silverpine when I was attacked by not 1, bt 3 level 17 Mobs .. I was terrified. But with the limited spells at hand my level 13 priest managed to kill all three of these nasty mobs, as well as a fourth that wondered in during the fight .. and had enough mana left over to heal herself at the end of it and not be worried about a second wave of attackers.

Now seriously .. what gives! My druid has fought his way across all three continents in Azeroth as well as Outland, has killed animals, humanoids, demons and undead by the score. Has personally helped with the downfall of Illida, Arthas and two Old Gods .. yet when he is alone he can barely handle 2 or 3 ghostly spirits, while my little goblin barely out of diapers can handle 4 (or possibly more) mobs without breaking a sweat. Isn’t this a little backwards? After all the druid is the one who has the experience he should be able to take on more, the priest is starting out things should present more of a threat.

I can understand Blizzard no longer wanting us to be able to do what we were at the end of Wrath and taking on a dozen or so more targets. Yes, yigher level toons need a challenge,  but it feels wrong that the more experienced character should feel weaker than the fresh low-level toon.  Hopefully something can be done to fix this, but I don’t think it is anywhere on their priority list.

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