Ok folks I am not talking here primarily about gear, I am here talking about other items you pick up as you quest, level and grind your way through Azeroth. What items do you think could be changed for greater benefit for everyone that won’t overtly effect gameplay. I am sure you have some, I know I do. To get things rolling here is my list of things I would like to see changed:

  1. Guild Herald / Guild Page: I would love to see these guys running around more, not just mine but any guilds, clogging up Orgrimmar or flooding zones with a disturbing mass of extra bodies that don’t do anything except serve to distract. How would I do this? Make the vendor ability like the Argent Squire/Gruntling, give that a cooldown but let us use the Herald/Page whenever.
  2. Amulet of Draconic Subversion: OK this may no longer be obtainable .. but neither are the Amani Warbear or the Black Proto-Drake. If they can show of theirs I want to as well! Just let us use this anywhere, its all I ask .. I don’t want to have to fly to a cave in Dustwallow to use it and say to myself “ahh that’s what it does!”
  3. Abyssal Seahorse: Yes it is a nice free mount, but I never see it. As a druid I used aquatic form more in Vashj but occasionally you get stuck in water and have to travel some distance. Would be a bonus if this were simply made usable in “Aquatic Environments” rather then just Vashjir
  4. River Boat: Turn this into a mount and let us use in in any Aquatic Environment just like I want the seahorse to be. We don’t see enough of these choking Azeroths waterways and restricting them to a Thousand Needles is needlessly cruel. Plus turning it into a mount will save some bagspace. Would also be cool if you could fish from it and carry passangers but that would be pushing my luck!
  5. Qiraj Battle Tanks: Some people will hate me for this but the legendary one is no longer the only one usable outside AQ40, the Archeology one is as well. I say recolour the Archeology one and let us use the rest of them outside AQ as well. (A long shot I know but I like the red bug .. I want to see more of it)
  6. Delicate Music Box: I would love to see this item upgraded to a 1 use white item that randomly plays a WoW Soundtrack from any zone. That is all
  7. Defender of the Timbermaw & Barov Peasent Caller: I would love to see these two scale with level like the Argent War Horn and Commanders Badge do. I don’t use any regularly but sometimes its fun to use them and if they don’t keel over from a mob just looking at them even better!
  8. Underbelly Elixer: Since most people avoid Dalaran these days I would love to see these usable anywhere. Or maybe even just in any city.
  9. Cloak that will teleport you to Orgrimmar or Stormwind: This one is more a matter for their art department then anything ground breaking, but the cloak is supposed to show your guilds crest. As a Tauren Druid the crest is all under my hair and the rest of the cloak is black … it looks ugly. Maybe they can take a look and fix it so that it shows appropriately on each race.
  10. Winterfin Horn Of Distress: I would love to see this turned into a permanent item rather then a 1 use item. So long as it is like the Argent War Horn and levels with you unlike the Defender of the Timbermaw.

So those are my 10 preferences, what are yours?