Truthfully this weeks shared topic over on Blog Azeroth by PvE Rogues is one everyone can relate to, and one which I didn’t initially feel inclined to write about (but have since done so)  “What is your favourite Race”. Now if it isn’t already obvious my answer is ..

You can’t help but admit that they do look so imposing,  whether they are a hunter a druid or a Death Knight. For me there is no question. It Tauren. The gentle giants are filled with a dignity and stoic perseverance that no-one can fail to admire them be they Horde or Alliance. Yet for all their seeming docility, when their rage is earned and their wrath truly unleashed they are now more then ever a force to be reckoned with.

The Taurens storyline has always been one of struggle whether it was against the disdain of the night elfs, their persecution by the centaur, their establishing a new homeland, or most recently their betrayal by one of their own cheiftains as well as the Orc they had beheld as a new ‘honourable’ Warcheif.

Yet despite this they struggle, they grow, their strengths unite them as well as bind others, like Thrall, almost unwittingly into aiding them and truly taking their council. I would think from a lot of talk that of all races in-game that are playable this race could truly possibly be the most neutral or them all, and they are remarkable peace makers and pacifists.

Yet when their ire is raised they will and do forcefully lash out. Cairne was an easily recognisable hero of the Third War, Baine has already avenged his fathers death, in the Southern Barrens, Stonetalon and Thousand Needles the Tauren work almost tirelessly to see that their sacred places and the homes of their people are cared for and avenged. While some of these are actions that show direct might and strength others are shown remarkably tempered with compassion.

It is I think this strange dichotomy that to me, makes Tauren the ultimate race in World of Warcraft. If Tauren were ever taken away (and lets fervently pray they never are) Trolls would make a spectacular second choice, or Dwarves a more than viable third option, but that reasoning is for another time!