So Transmorgification .. I’m looking forward to it, I have always loved Tier 6, and while Tier 11 looks OK, the Firelands Set isn’t overly great. Combined with the new void stirage I am cheering, it means right off the bat come the next patch I will get close to 30 or more bag spaces back simply by putting old gear into it. So far that is 2 out of 3 that look good.

The appearance of Deathwing though has me troubled. It could be that I am used to the cycle created by TBC and Wrath, or it could be that despite the storyline in every zone leading us to confrontation with Deathwing I don’t feel that taking down his 3 major lieutenants has really left us prepared to face down a dragon responsible for breaking the world and probably empowered by an old god. Hopefully they manage to pull off the Deathwing raid in such a way to create a truly epic  end to the expansion. In fact I could say I wouldn’t be dissapointed if Deathwing escaped to come back in a later expansion.

Beyond that we are told that this is the last patch for Cataclysm, so whats coming next .. this Mists of Pandaria thing? and what else is Blizzard going to give us that we’ve been asking for and they have been denying? Player Housing? Class Titles? Epic Questlines? something to make Archeology enjoyable?

In any event I think that in the next year or so as we progress through the last of Cataclysm and see the new Expansion we have enough surpises in store to keep our appetites for the new and fancy whetted. Will it be enough to compete with new MMO’s coming out like The Old Republic … only time will see.