I’ll tell you the truth, I have always wanted a Tauren Rogue. Yep, and I mean lets face it if the Fel Walker can sneak up and suprise me a Tauren Rogue shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is how can you fit them into the World of Warcraft as we know it.

Well it was during one of those late night discussions you have with guildies when we were arguing about Tauren paladins and if they fit lore-wise or not. In the end the argument boiled down to the fact that “Paladins” is a handy title for class mechanics but Lore-Wise they were Sunwalkers which is basically a druid who harnesses primarily solar power rather then the moons power. Well thats when it hit me, there was an equally probably way to introduce Tauren Rogues … so I turned to WoWpedia to see what classes may have been in WC3 or the RPG.

I came across 2 possibilities, the Spiritwalker and the Holy Strider. Both at intial reading seemed like good candidates, bt in the end I would had to ignore the spirit walker simply because it is closer to a shaman then a Rogue. But the Holy Strider seemed perfect.

To quote the basics of a Holy Strider: ” The holy strider’s job is part scout, part diplomat, part spy. Her job is to reach her destination as quickly as possible and then meet with — or spy on — her target. She is highly trained, but sometimes things don’t go as well as hoped. In these cases, the holy strider must rely on her skills to get out of the situation as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. A holy strider can use shadow meld as a spell-like ability.”

So we have a class that is used to relyng on themselves, can vanish, diplomatic, violent when needed, has the ability to move fast (which admitedly rogues do only for limited periods) and is primarily a melee class. There we have it, the perfect way to introduce a Tauren Rogue.

So now we have found the justification all wee need is to get the implementation and soon you will be seeing them , well nowhere, those Rogues are sneaky buggers.

Tauren Rogues …

Soon to be found around more then elevators!