Ok so transmorgification is coming, yes sounds fantastic.  As a Tauren Druid I know exactly what I am going to be looking like ..

Now I have this set in my bags already, and lucky for me it is an 8 Piece Tier set so I don’t need to go scrounging around for any extra gear pieces barring  a weapon to match .. and at this stage I am still trying to decide if I use the weapon shown (Twins Pact .. yes I know I used the image from Attrition) or use (Origin of Nightmares) that drops in 25 man naxx. I love the look of the former but the latter goes so well with my gears look .. sigh damn wardrobe choices. Still for me its fairly straightforward as I basically have everything and know where to look to accessorise.

As I am finding out through Guild Chat though many people do not. So where does one go to look .. well that depends what you are after, and that list is a mile long for any class.  So what are the easiest ways to do this?

Now you could run around every vendor and tier token dispenser looking at what they have for sale, which is good, but fairly limited. Take the time and download the addon Atlas Loot , once installed you can peruse all the tier sets, most crafted gear, pvp sets and drops from every available boss making this a pretty extensive way to look at what gear is available as well as telling you where to acquire it. Hands down this is the best way to find the general stuff you are looking for. You can compare it if you want to the class gear pages on Wowpedia or Wowhead, but Atlas Loot allows it in-game and will give you the basics.

There are though times that using Atlas Loot may not seem to be answering your questions because for example the 5 piece tier set you are after doesnt come with boots or belts that seem to match or  where they come from.  In general matching pieces will come from 1 of three locations – Crafted, Raid or Badge Vendor. Since TBC Blizzard have been fairly good at making the end level gear match fairly well. So if (for example) you wish to complete a set from Ulduar then you would need to look at what used to be the Conquest Badge Gear, Boss Drops from Ulduar and Crafted items from Recipies that drop there. Doing that will help you finally accessorise to the last detail but what is the easiest way to do this?

Well that is up to you, I personally pull up windows explorer get wowpedia up and wowhead and then load in the appropriate boss loot tables, vendor tables etc and preview them all together in Wowmodelviewer going through the appropriate items until I find one which matches to my desires.

Now there are already a dozen or more blogs out there giving advice and tips on what suits to get and what to match things with and by all means I say take a look at them. But if you want to sit back and fidle around with options your best 4 resources are Atlas Loot, Wowpedia, Wowhead and Wowmodel Viewer, and of course knowing what comes from where .. after all it is no use trying to look for a belt to match your Tier 10 outfit in Molten Core (though having said that some of the Ahn’Qiraj sets don’t match themselves let alone other pieces).

So just remember that the odd pieces to match will generally have been released around the same time as the main set and look at the appropriate places to match them. Be it PvP gear from honour and conquest vendors or PVE Gear from Raids, Recipies and badges/points.

So with that I am off myself to see how I am going to deck out my main alt (an Orc Shaman), and I hope if you had been having trouble figuring out how to look up options this has been some small help!