Hands down Trolls are definatly my second favourite race. I will always like Tauren, but trolls just have that sort of lazy awesomeness you can’t help but like. The problem is though most gear just doesn’t suit them. Boots dont show, shoulders slouch and in general the body shape and facial features don’t go well with a lot of gear.

The good news though is there are sets out there for all armour types that really do match trolls, and they are readily available. In fact you’ve probably worn some. Dropping throughout Zul’Aman and Zul’Gurub are gear sets to suit most classes, with accompanying weapons, and for some odd pieces out you can visit G’eras in Shattrath to find matching pieces.

So here it is my recommends on making your Troll look like a Troll.

All of these items come from Zul’Aman, Zul’Gurub or G’eras. The exceptions are what I have shown on the warlock which is the Tier 9 Set with accompanying pieces from TOC and a staff from Naxx.


Troll Hunter

Ø       Headdress of Sharpened Vision

Ø       Pauldrons of Nalorakk

Ø       Breastplate of Primal Fury

Ø       Waistband of Hexes

Ø       Zombie Walker legguards

Ø       Treads of Booming Thunder

Ø       Wristguards of the Predator

Ø       Handguards of the Tormented

Ø       Voodoo Hunting Bow

Troll Druid

Ø       Amani Headdress

Ø       Feathers of Akil’zon or Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons

Ø       Vestments of the Soulflayer

Ø       Waistband of Hexes

Ø       Two Toed Boots

Ø       Armbands of the Bear

Ø       T’wansi’s Handwraps

Ø       Amani Sceptre of Rites

Ø       Voodoo Shaker



Troll Priest

Ø       The Hexxer’s Mask

Ø       Claw-Fringe Mantle

Ø       Hexing Robe

Ø       Sash of Anguish

Ø       Leggings of Ancient Magics

Ø       Boots of the Ursine

Ø       Wristwraps of Madness

Ø       Charmbiners Grips

Ø       Legacy of Arlokk


Troll Warrior

Ø       Roaring Mask of Bethekk

Ø       Skullpiercer Pauldrons

Ø       Chestplate of Hubris

Ø       Coils of Hate

Ø       Jungle Striders

Ø       Skullshatter Warboots

Ø       Plunerers Gauntlets

Ø       Reforged Heartless

Ø       Zulian Swirling Shield



Troll Mage

Ø       Collar of Bones

Ø       Jan’ali’s Spaulders

Ø       Robes of Dissention

Ø       Sash of Anguish

Ø       Leggings of Ancient Magics

Ø       Boots of the Ursine

Ø       Wristwraps of Madness

Ø       Studious Wraps

Ø       Jin’do’s Verdict


Troll Death Knight

Ø       Plumed Medicine Helm

Ø       Pauldrons of Sacrifice

Ø       Battleplate of the Amani Empire

Ø       Sash of Anguish

Ø       Legguards of the Unforgiving

Ø       Boots of Bad Mojo

Ø       Bracers of Hidden Purpose

Ø       Bone Plate Handguards

Ø       Reforged Trollbane


Troll Shaman

Ø       Mask of Restless Spirits

Ø       Spiritbinder Spaulders

Ø       Brestplate of Serenity

Ø       Hawkscale Waistguards

Ø       Kilt of Forgotten Rites

Ø       Books of the Ursine

Ø       Shadowmenders Wristguards

Ø       Grips of Natures Wrath

Ø       Mace of the Sacraficed

Ø       Zulian Ward


Troll Warlock

Ø       Gul’dans Hood

Ø       Gul’dans Shoulderpads

Ø       Gul’dans Robe

Ø       Belt of Biting Cold

Ø       Gul’dans Leggings

Ø       Boots of Icy Floe

Ø       Bindings of Dark Essence

Ø       Gul’dans Gloves

Ø       The Undeath Carrier

This “look” is also available for priests and mages. The basics of it of which are Tier 9 – which are purchasable with Justice Points at the Argent Tournament


Troll Rogue

Ø       The Savager’s Mask

Ø       Tusked Shoulderpads

Ø       Shadowtooth Trollskin Brestplate

Ø       Belt of Slithering Serpents

Ø       leggings of Dancing Blades

Ø       Fasc’s Preserved Boots

Ø       Amani’shi Bracers

Ø       Grasp of the Moonkin

Ø       Twinblade of the Hakkari x 2


You can find all of these items through the search engine on www.wowhead.com , and as I said most come fom Zul’Aman, Zul’Gurub or G’eras though there are a few that do not.

To my mind the sets above really scream “YOU ARE A TROLL!”. There are  though a few other sets out there that in their apprearance suit Trolls. Tier 9 Priest and Mage sets, Tier 11 also suits Troll Hunters fairly well, Tier 2.5 for Hunters and Shamans is also fairly well matching,  Tier 10 for Shamans, but for the basics the aboves really symbolise trolls, more then any other sets.  So if you are decking one out, and are after that cultural/racial feel I hope this helped. I might see what suits Tauren next, or maybe not, there are not a lot of Tauren specific suits out there.