I was talking this morning with guildies while I sipped on my wake-up coffee, and as mornings do there was a lot of inane chat going on. One of the things we talked about was what mounts everyone woudl like, and there was quite a range .. chimeras, clefthoofs, rhinos, and a lot of growls about all the mounts coming with the TCG.

Thats when someone mentioned a bright idea .. let leatherworkers make bridles that people could use to go out and tame the mount that they are really interested in. The leatherworker would be able to make the bridles (or harness whatever they end up being called) and post them to the Auction House where people could buy them.

Now that I am having my lunch I am taking a little more time to mull over the thought but, in retrospect, I trulythink that there would need to be some for of restriction involved.

Tameable: You would have to extend it past what is tameable for a hunter. Some of the creatures that would make cool mounts .. like thunder lizards and clefthoofs are not currently tameable. You would though need to limit it to reasonable creatures. I mean while a Giant Moth or even possibly a giant snail seems feasable I think I would cry if I saw a giant rabbit or prarie dog carrying someone around. Also would certain “wild” creatures be offlimits to each faction .. i.e. Gryphons, Elekks, Kodos, Wyverns etc ?

Acheivments: This ones the biggy I think. With bridles you’d literally be able to tame whatever you want whenever you want, which would put a dint in mount collecting acheivments. There are a few ways to fix this. The first would be to make the cost of them prohibative from simply going crazy, but I don’t like limiting people to be honest. The second which I would consider a better option would be to only let 2 or maybe 4 bridles count towards any “mount” acheivment.

Costs: Costs would need to be good enough to encourage leatherworkers to continue making them, but not high enough to be prohibative to the general population. Literally if the cost was the same as say .. a regular mount a hundred gold or so won’t really mean much, while giving the bridles a loading like the hog or vial of sands will make it a fairly restricted item. I think that you would have to look at a loading that means you can afford to get more over time and keeps people making them, so something probably between the 1000g and 2000g would be a good marker in my opinion.

Its all a pipe dream really but with 4.3 coming out and more expansions in the future its always nice to have something new to hope for! Besides I’ll admit I am curious to see what people would come up with!