You know since I finally got a 2nd toon to 80 back in Wrath Of The Lich King I have avoided bringing it in to anything that I really, really, wanted something on the druid with. The Midsummer Fire Festival comes along and I avoid doing Ahune on any toon but the druid because frankly getting a pet on the shaman or another toon but the druid would be too upsetting. Sure I have 180 pets on the druid already, but it would frustrate me when I really want something on one toon and another gets it.

Then I am convinced by others that doing Coren Direbrew to finish off the Brewfest Title for my shaman is a good idea,  and then something drops my druid has been seeking for several years …


I could have screamed.  I am still disappointed, I like having it on any toon because I believe it’s a fantastic mount. But, if I had the option, I would easily have shipped it over to the Druid. Without hesitation.

Which got me to thinking about loot styles .. Bind on Equip, Bind on Pick-Up, Bind on Account. In general its frustrating. I mean on a toon that doesn’t mean much you get something you really want, or you get an item on a toon you regularly play but can’t use or wish you could give to a toon that could but can’t. I mean .. aaaarrrrgghh!


My main (the Druid) is what I truly concentrate on, I raid 2 – 3 nights a week, and whenever I raid I am forced to take him because he is the Guilds Main healer, the other guilds heals rotate (due to schedules) and my alt heals are not geared enough so we need a steady healer. The need to always run on the Druid, and I will be honest I enjoy playing the druid, limits though what else I am able to do.

Having to run on the Druid means I don’t get the chance to bring in the ungeared shaman or the hunter, which when we have hunters or shamans in the raids does not bother me. It is when something drops in a raid that noone can use and I am sitting there going ‘god damn my shaman could use that but I can’t run with him’ that I really feel frustrated. Even more then I do when a mount or a pet drops on an alt I want on my main.

I said to a guildy when the Kodo dropped, “I just wish they made all BOP items BOA” , and in introspect I do. I would love to be able to send a drop of a mount to an alt if the main has it, or from an alt to the main if the main is missing it, or if something mail dropped when I am on the druid I could send it to the hunter or shammy instead of cashing it in for a small amount of gold or having it sharded.

At the same time I know how easily abused that would become. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t I think. How do you make it work? Make a BOA item unsellable or not disenchantable. I don’t know. What I do know is I would love a little more flexibility with the options on what I can do with loot that drops.

Now that I have had my cry, rant,  and made my suggestion I am going to count how many attempts I have left to get the Kodo on the Druid this Brewfest!