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Well, hello there!

Yes, I realize it has been a a while since my last post, almost a year by the looks of it. To be honest though I have been busy. First I bought what I assumed was a healthy company, and then found out it wasn’t and drove myself half insane trying to get it from the red back to black, after which I then closed it down to prevent myself having a heart attack, and since then I have been looking (and found) new work, and trialing a few other MMO’s while playing Warcraft and the Beta.

One thing I have noticed in each MMO so far is that I’d rather there was no general/trade chat, it seems that no matter the game its infested with small minded bigots who delight in stupidity and arrogance. Still  these things can be ignored, whether you find them aggravating or not. One of the things that I do notice on any MMO is the bile and hatred that spews out towards any other MMO that isn’t the one you are in at that time, and how any other MMO is just ‘terribad’.

Now having over the last 4 months played SWTOR, TERA, RIFT and WOW with some dabbling in a few non RPG style MMO’s all I can think is that despite what everyone seems to disagree on is that each game seems to have its own elements that make it worthwhile.

At this stage WOW is still probably my favourite, its got enough options so I don’t feel like I am simply doing the same thing over and over again while leveling, and it’s a game where if I only have a few mins or a short period of time there is plenty of stuff to do, and everythings fairly well accessable.

Then there is SWTOR. As an unabashed Star Wars fan how can I not love it. Overall though it is fairly similar to WOW, with two major exceptions .. voice over acting and class quests. While Voice Acting can feel a little ‘me’ the second or third time around the sheer scope of class quests is fantastic. I’m not talking here something like the old druid form quests or warlock and pally mount quests. No in SWTOR the class quests help define who you are, and as you level from 1 to 50 they bring for each class something individual to the game that makes leveling alts easier than any of the other MMOs I have played. In the last 7 months SWTOR has had 2 major content patches and a world event with a third patch along the way so its output and maintenance so far rivals wow. My only real gripe with SWTOR is how time consuming it is, but that’s a relic possibly of my time with WOW where I’m used to completing 10 dailies in half an hour instead of maybe 4 or 5, questing defiantly takes longer, or maybe it just feels that way.

As for Rift, I like it but can’t say it would ever pull me out of WoW, or SWTOR for that matter. Very much like wow in gameplay, but with less options it feels with choosing how and where to level, especially with only the 2 start areas. Rifts real saving grace though are the Rift Events. I mean I still enjoy being in a zone as a Rift hits and everyone is battling hordes of enemies with the sole intent of closing the Rifts. The only thing I can honestly say that ever felt that way in WoW was when you had floating Necropoli appearing in random zones over the Scourge Invasion and even that didn’t feel quite as epic as the standard Rift Invasions that occur on a fairly regular basis.

So far, so good, 3 games that all entertain me and keep me interested. Then, there is Tera. This game held so much promise. Graphicaly it is very beautiful. Combat wise, its almost like and FPS. Small world bosses remind me of the days when there were elites lurking around the corners in WoW. But every toon starts at the same place, goes through the same things, every quest is kill a hundred monsters (ok slight exaggeration), and after a while playing the classes 1 feel very similar to the next. At least in my opinion. All in all a good game, but it just left me feeling disappointed that it didn’t live up to my expectations.

So there you have it, I can clinically look at 4 games and tell you what I do like and don’t like about each, and still admit that I can have fun on all of them without trashing 1 or the other to oblivion. Now, if only general and trade chats were as civilized!

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