So after my 5th year of killing Ahune, I can tell you with absolute certainty .. I hate him with every bone in my body. No other boss makes me as irritable or angry. Why you ask, its because I can’t get what i want from him. Its that simple, and having a limited window each year to try and get it really frustrates me. I will state here, I am a little obsessive when it comes to collecting pets, and a 2 away from 200 missing one or two aggravates me.

Now originally he dropped the little fire elemental pet, which was nice, not that it dropped for me.That is where my anger started. Not because he didn’t drop the pet after 1 kill, or after 14 .. but rather he didn’t drop it after too many to count, some days I killed the bugger 15 to 20 times depending how many guildies I could rope in. But no. during the entire time he dropped the scorchling my luck was bad. Even when the scorchling moved into a random bag drop from Molten Front dailies it took months of farming for me to get it, but I did eventually.

In any event from there they swapped out the scorchling with ice Chip and made it so that you could only get one shot a day at the pet through the bag. The same system that now exists for all he loot you really want from any of the holiday bosses. Year 1 of this system rolls around, no Ice Chip on the druid .. so no drop in 14 attempts I can’t complain 2 much, wait a year .. and so the story goes. This year though I have 4 toons ready at 85, ready to shave ice and get me a pet. Now admittedly I didn’t get all 4 toons through daily .. there were 3 or 4 days where I only got 2 through, but still after 48 attempts still no Ice Chip. Am I done with Ahune, no I am in guild cursing my luck , decrying fate on the Guilds Facebook page and plotting all sorts of intricate revenge on the Icelord.

I am sure most of you have similar tales out there. Which brings me to wonder about when is random too random. I mean you would have figured that one of my toons would have got a pet off ahune after killing him for 5 years. Apart from Ice Chip (curse you) the only other Holiday prize I could want that I haven’t been able to get my hands on is the Love Rocket from Love is in the Air, and I can’t recall having seen many at all with that on my little backward realm. I mean at worst we get 14 shots a year at getting this pet, 14 .. compared to say 52 shots you would get at Attumens pretty horse, or 365 at something like the Blue Proto Drake from Utgarde Pinnacle or millions of you decide to go farm for a drop like the disgusting oozeling. 14. Sure that number increases with the amount of toons you have .. especially with account wide mounts & pets coming. But still lets assume I have 1 level 85 .. 14 attempts. After 5 years I can tell you exactly how I feel about 14 attempts though i think by now you would know how. In the end I am fine with running Kara, Utgarde Keep weekly/daily and farming endlessly for rare world drops that are available all the time. But this. well I can tell you I do not look forward to the Midsummer Fire Festival, and haven’t in 2 years, no I approach it with dread and despondency because I figure that it ain’t gonna happen this time either, yet still I drag the druid (and now the Hunter, mage and Shammy as well) through daily torture for something that just isn’t appearing.

Enough is enough I say, make all the holiday stuff purchasable – I don’t care if I have to grind out every quest every day .. just give me Ice chip and stop making me curse in game events rather then enjoying them.