Well back in may my Guild downed Deathwing on Normal for the first time. Work restrictions have seen me unable to be there for subsequent kills and the nice healer loot going to subs after I bailed at Blackhorn or the Spine. Curse them! At any rate for most a guild getting a Deathwing kill may not seem a big deal, especially on normal mode (thats right, normal not heroic) but for us, it was a moment that left most of us sitting there grinning.

 Why you may ask, well its rather simple. For the first time since we started raiding Kara back during TBC we have actually managed to down an expansions end boss well, before the expnsion has ended, which has me cheering, I never thought as a social guild that would happen. Now there is only Ragnaros left for us to kill and we have done every boss in cataclysm on Normal Mode, hell, we are even contemplating doing some heroic modes .. fancy that.

Being a social guild its always been a bit hard to get things to where we want, we have had a solid core for our main raid group of between 6 and 8 people with the last 4-2 places being filled based on who is currently playing and willing to raid, its flexible and has allowed us top keep happy guild members who daon’t want to raid every day for months on end or who may take breaks from wow over an expansion. The solid main team we brought into Cataclysm from the end of Wrath though has helped us settle down.

 Back in Wrath we made our own stumbling block by moving onto the ‘next raid’ too late. When Wrath launched we cleared EOE, Naxx and Sarth with ease and had KT on farm before Ulduar laucnched. Yet with the launch of Ulduar we had a few players become disenfranchised with the game and left so we spent some time re-recruiting, regearing and reshaping before starting Ulduar and that became pretty systemic for us .. I mean we went through that regrouping phase from early Ulduar until just before Icecrown launched. Then Icecrown launched and things turned around, and for the better, but all of a sudden we had too many wanting to run .. we had enough active players for 3 to 4 raid groups, but noone wanted to be in anything but the “A” Team (for lack of a better term), so of course they went in with  the regular raiders subbing in and out to give them a break which most enjoyed, but the result was continually re-teaching people fights and us downing Arthas 1 day afer the pre-cata patch hit.

Seems like lot of ups and downs but that core team from Wrath has carried us through two full expansions now. Much better then what happened with the team from Burning Crusade days. Back when we started raiding in the Burning Crusade we were well behind the curve, I mean we all started playing sometime between the launch of TBC and the patch where Black temple was released. When we started in kara we had no idea what raiding entailed, I mean we had 1 person who had managed to get the key (me) and we decided to grab up 10 guildies and see what Kara was like. After wiping for an hour on trash we decided we needed to look into things more. Of course we did, and we got everyone keyed and geared then started killing things regualrly, and 2 people would leave for a guild doing SSC, TK or BT. Then the process would start again. We felt like a training guild for other guilds at times. With the sort of turnover we were having we had 5 raiders who were with us at the start of our raidng experience still there at the end of TBC, by which time we had managed to clear Kara and do both Mags and Gruuls with the aide of another guild.

 In any event from our start in Kara, through to Wraths constant ups and downs I am glad we’ve finally stabalised. I will tell you though, that despite the ups and downs the majority of the players I play with now are those that I played with 5 years ago, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

 Note: I should note that since originally typing this up we have downed a cataclysm raid boss on heroic mode .. still to stupefied to believe we actually did it!!