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1. Yuangol. A new Tauren offshoot race .. seriously, the Yuangol, how awesome is that! You cant help but love anything connected with Tauren lore. now we get to see what happens when some Tauren are kept in a highly volatile situation. Centaur meh, frozen wastes meh .. lets see what happens when they are constantly attacked by bug people for millenia!

Ok that wasn’t seriously the thing I am most looking forward to. Well not truly. Being serious now (see no smile on this face) i will admit there is a lot of new things to really look forward to in MoP that is in itself totally new to the game and should hopefully put a bit of spring into our steps as we discover the once hidden lands of Pandaria …
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I am (obviously) not the only one with multiple max level characters. I mean there are people in my guild with 10 or more level 85’s. Me personally, I am about to have a 5th toon hit max level .. after 5 years of playtime. Most in guild seem to have at least 2 max level toons so its not uncommon. Which is all well and good. Now some will spend hours and days gearing each toon, some like me will get them to max level gear them abit but otherwise alts gather dust unless you are doing an alt run or similar.

Now, lets go back and think about what has been talked about for MoP. In Wrath and Cata the whole “Bring The Player Not The Class” was the big sell. For MoP the big sell has been that Blizzard is going to make it easier for people to swap around between main toons and alts, yay. We have account wide acheivments, account wide mounts, pets etc. All to encourage people to change if they feel the need. At the same time they are removing the need to grind rep with specific factions for head and shoulder chants. Even better! The more information they brought out the easier it seemed it would be for you to grind up valour points with your alts to start em on the road to gearing .. only allowing JP & VP to be BOA would make gearing alts easier.

There is a point to my ramblings though and here it is .. in one of the lastest of Blizzards posts this particular phrase caught my eye:

“Valor will be used to purchase ilvl 489 gear in Mists of Pandaria. The Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, and August Celestials factions will sell this gear. Revered reputation with each faction will be required.”

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Before I launch into what I think (so far) about Mists of Pandaria I want to comment on another unrelated matter.

This Saturday just past the Northern Dragons, my social guild, hit its 5 year anniversary since Guild creation! A good core of us were together for the 3rd annual guild meet at the time and I can say we celebrated in style. I won’t mention what that style, because it may embarrass some J,  is but I will say it was a lot of fun seeing everyone again. I also think that everyone is looking forward to MoP and it will be a lot of fun to see several more years out with these fellas!!! Though with more kids around with those that have families I may be feeling like this then …

Right now though I think a lot of people have seen the new cinematic, which was a lot of fun I think. One question it did stir up amongst my guildies both online and at the meet though was what was coming, and in some cases what was going. It reminded me that not everyone religiously follows online publications like I do when some people were ecstatic over things like account wide mounts and others were devastated over things like Have Group Will Travel.

To that end I thought I would throw up a few notes that most are already aware of, and a few comments that I have heard most often in regards to these upcoming changes. More specifically some quality of life changes.

Now I am not going to go over everything that comes under quality of life (such as the huge increase in useless vanity items but the lack of huge increases in storage for packrats like me J ), but I will attempt to cover some of the more realistic ones that show themselves fairly quickly ..

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So we know that Garrosh is going down at some time during Mists of Pandaria, the question that is on a lot of minds isn’t so much how he goes down or who is involved .. but who is taking over afterwards?
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How many of you have local markets where you are from? You know where you get a few people selling homegrown produce, a lot of people selling second hand items .. treasure or junk your call, and even a few small retailers trying to get their name out there.

Well I do, not only 1 for the local area but theres close to a dozen within an hours drive that I could trawl through over the course of a week. In general, I do not visit them but on occassion on a Sunday I do enjoy a wander amongst the bustling market stalls, haggling with the people doing the selling and in some cases even eagerly scooping up rare items (for instance the entire Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Series by Fritz Leiber for 5 bucks .. woohoo), and just enjoying the atmosphere on a nice day.


You get the idea? The image percolating away in your mind .. well take a look at this thread on the MoP Beta forums by Pallydisk of Madoran , he starts off asking:

I have been wandering around Mists beta in game and I noticed that in a lot of the little towns in  Mists (the Half Hill market) they have NPC’s with little carts next to them selling goods which got me thinking, “Why can’t Players have those?”

Then goes on to explain his thoughts and reasons behind wanting them. Now some of you may recall one of my earliest posts where I asked for a pack kodo or mule because carting around 6 bags wasn’t very realistic for a hero. I tell you what though, this market stall is a fantastic idea.

Picture that local market I was talking about .. now picture a Sunday morning in WoW and you venture down to Bloodhoof Village (maybe Kharanos if your Alliance) and the town is swamped with all these tiny carts with people selling items, crafting and enchanting gear, and more browsing around.

Imagine the possibilities .. “Oooh Troggi you have X-Ore for sale nice, but Wombs over there is selling it at so much less .. what can you offer me to make it worth my while buying from you?”. The sort of on the spot trading, bidding and haggling one doesn’t see on the Auction House, and if we are lucky it will actually contain more trade then trade chat and we can finally be done with that evil. You could actually develop a real market feel, while it would be small on some realms I would imagine that on others it would leave a place like Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar wanting. You’d have your regular fishmongers, miners, cloth merchants all at each others throats trying to outsell each other on the spot rather then via the AH.

Doubt it will happen but it has my stamp of approval!

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