So we know that Garrosh is going down at some time during Mists of Pandaria, the question that is on a lot of minds isn’t so much how he goes down or who is involved .. but who is taking over afterwards?

I mean lets take a look at who we know of in the Horde as serious characters of note .. we have the faction leaders. Vol’jin, Baine Bloodhoof, Sylvanas and Lorthremar Theron as your main 4, plus there are a few minor ones floating around we neglect to think about such as Roanak Icemist and Primal Torntusk. Then there are some of the stronger orc figures that have seemingly become legendary like Eitrigg, Saurfang and Nazgrel. Then you have names of established heroes and champions like Rexxar and Rokhan, and then beyond all of these there is Thrall.

When you look at this, well it is a pretty impressive list, and for most people almost any of these would make a compelling change to Garrosh. At least on initial scan of things. But lets be honest most of these won’t have a chance at Warcheif.

Eitrigg, Saurfang and Nazgrel are all veterans of the original invasion of Azeroth. That they can still fight at all is amazing, their time is limited though and if you want stability in the horde replacing Garrosh with one of these would not be advisable. Neither would replacing him with a wanderer or adventurer like Rokhan or Rexxar be appropriate. Yes, they are strong inspiring figures but not really leaders.

Then we have the faction leaders. Weeding out those of minor factions like the Revantusk, Taunka, Shatterspear, Frostwolves etc is fairly simple .. they don’t have the presence to command being locked away in remote areas which the hode rules over. All come from what are basically pocket enclaves of the Hordes might, and while each seems pretty cool I can’t see them being able to come from obscure places and reliable lead the main Horde forces.

As for the main four remaining faction leaders .. weeeeell, again I can’t see any of them being the kind of person the Horde would rally behind. Sylanas, well lets face it, noone trusts her. Lorthremar has been ignored for a long time but there is a kind of enimity between elves and trolls that would make it hard for the Horde to follow him as a leader, the same would work for Vol’jin in return though Vol’jin has been out there building bridges and his own reputation. Then you have Baine, he led the taurens second largets settlement while Cairne was alive and acted as a sub-cheif fr his tribe, but his ascension has been plaged with difficulties. While he has shown himself as a strong leader who can face down enemies and allies alike it was not in the end a role that he actively sought to take.

In truth Vol’jin, or Baine even more so would be great Warcheifs. They have made connections to ally leaders, they want peace, but they are not going to just lay down and placate everyone. Sounds good right, either will do, but the question is.. will the Orcs, arguably the Hordes most powerful group, follow them? In general the Orcs like Tauren, and barring Garrosh most seem to like Trolls, but to follow them .. its another thing. The only way I can see Baine or Vol’jin made into Warcheif is if the new Orc leader decides that it is best that one of those two lead the Horde, rather the themselves.

* I had just put all this up when I remember I didn’t stop to mention Gallywix, or the “Horde” pandaren leader Ji Firepaw. off the bat Gallywix’s scamming and the goblin mercenary attitude wouldn’t sit well as a Horde leader. As for Ji, he is still fairly new t the Horde, hsi people are not unified behind him or the faction solidly which makes him a bit iffy for the job in my opinion.

Which brings us right back to where we started .. what orc could possibly be an orc that we truly want, and more appropriatly .. need running things for that race. Either as a racial leader or as Warcheif. There are I think several really good prospects.

Zaela, Cheiftain of the Dragonmaw Clan. She has shown that she has political savvy, and while her own clans beliefs in her may not be to great we know that she can handle what comes her way. She helped oust her old cheif, and then aided in securing the Hordes foothold in Twighlight Highlands, a very good start.

Then we have Gorgonna, she seems to have faded into obscurity a bit, but she has a resolve we could well use. When her sister (Krenna) became distracted from her duties in Northrend it was Gorgonna to conspired to oust this aspiring tyrant. When a person can kill their own relatives to serve the greater good you know you have something special.

Then we have Ariok, the son of Eitrigg. I mean with his old man at his shoulders as an advisor you would assume that he could do as he was told right? In itself this isn’t enough to speak of his character, but during the Burning Steppes questline he more then proves himself as he aides in defeating his own clan from igniting a full scale war with Stormwind. Negotiating with dragons, stalling his own kins desires and trying to avert full sclae war while not appearing weak, and with a father whose own views and ideals are legendary .. this fella seems an ideal candidate.

Finally out of my top 4 orc choices we have Jorin Deadeye. like Garrosh his father was of the old horde, and like Garrosh he grew up in Nagrand and we met up with him there during the Burning Crusade, where apart from presumably taking Garrosh’s role as village leader at the end of the expansion has done little else. Unlike the last 3 possibilities he is unknown to us outside the fact that we know he isn’t suicidally insane .. I mean he does know when to retreat, he doesn’t like self pity and would probably have had the Maghar pacifying Nagrand well before the Horde came along if he had had Garroshs authority. So his own character is a bit enigmatic which woudl allow some nice story to be built .. plus his father is still MIA which could lead to some interestign possibilities in the future, after all Kilrogg dissapeared at the same time as Turalyon and Alleria.

So there are a few interesting possibilities. While I am cheering on Baine personally I could easily live with one of the four named orcs, or even Vol’jin as Warcheif. No doubt though that Blizzard will try and suprise us. Lets just hope its not someone off Garrosh or Gallywix type proportions.

Also for those wondering, the image used at the top of the article if of Baine being watched over by Cairnes spirit.
This comes from the WOW TCG and used here only to highlight my preferred candidate :)