Before I launch into what I think (so far) about Mists of Pandaria I want to comment on another unrelated matter.

This Saturday just past the Northern Dragons, my social guild, hit its 5 year anniversary since Guild creation! A good core of us were together for the 3rd annual guild meet at the time and I can say we celebrated in style. I won’t mention what that style, because it may embarrass some J,  is but I will say it was a lot of fun seeing everyone again. I also think that everyone is looking forward to MoP and it will be a lot of fun to see several more years out with these fellas!!! Though with more kids around with those that have families I may be feeling like this then …

Right now though I think a lot of people have seen the new cinematic, which was a lot of fun I think. One question it did stir up amongst my guildies both online and at the meet though was what was coming, and in some cases what was going. It reminded me that not everyone religiously follows online publications like I do when some people were ecstatic over things like account wide mounts and others were devastated over things like Have Group Will Travel.

To that end I thought I would throw up a few notes that most are already aware of, and a few comments that I have heard most often in regards to these upcoming changes. More specifically some quality of life changes.

Now I am not going to go over everything that comes under quality of life (such as the huge increase in useless vanity items but the lack of huge increases in storage for packrats like me J ), but I will attempt to cover some of the more realistic ones that show themselves fairly quickly ..

Account Wide Mounts: At this stage as far as I can tell nearly all mounts barring ones like Gladiator Drakes will become account wide as of 5.04. YAY! This means if you get your Glory of Icecrown 10 man Drake or the travelers Tundra Mammoth on one Toon all will have it. There have been some changes back and forth with what mounts are and are not account bound but at this time those that are not are mostly pvp ones.

Account Wide Vanity Pets: if like me you are a collector (still 2 shy of 200 .. sigh) then you will be delighted to know that like mounts these are going account wide. This is due to the pet battle system. Now on beta if you had 10 Murkablos or Murkimus pets then you would have 10 show up in your pet pane .. this is not going live and so if you have 10 Murkimus pets across your accounts it will show up as 1 pet, simply because we are having a ‘cap’ put on pet numbers due to being able to tame wild pets  in the pet battle system.

Have Group Will Travel: This fantastic guild perk is going. Yep, dead like a dinosaur. So to all my guildies whom I help out with lower level quests at the drop of a hat .. well my inclination to come running may dry up if its going to take me 15 or more minutes to get to you from wherever I am. Sorry. This is being replaced by a buff to flight master speeds, which is nowhere near as useful. I truly believe HGWT should have been left as is and had this added as simply a new guild perk .. after all we get 5 new guild levels and what .. 1 new perk, or was it 2?

Guild Perk Changes: Here is my gripe .. in cataclysm we received 1 perk for each level, but in Mists when we get five more levels we only get 2 new perks .. ripped off!!!! First we lose mass summons for faster flight on taxis (terrible idea) we lose double duration on guild cauldron flasks for increased healing by bandages (really? I wonder how useful this will be outside solo play). The we can look at our new perks.  We get  “Time Off” which is 100% extra rest gained, leveling is fast now, but regaining a blue xp bar compared to a purple bar is great.  Otherworldly Discounts is our other perk, 10% cost reduction, not great but if you are using both a lot it is worth it.

Glyph Changes: This I am ambivalent about. At the moment we have 3 tiers of Glyphs, this is simplified down to 2 tiers, which translate to simply Vanity being lesser, and Useful being Greater. My only concern is that for some classes the “greater” rank glyphs are kind of ‘meh’ for some classes/specializations.  But not having to worry about greater, lesser, and prime glyphs is a little easier to follow.

Talent Changes: Right now we have 3 talent trees with a number of spells .. most of these are to gain extra strength or spirit etc. A lot of those are simply being rolled into your class specializations.  So now all those ones we didn’t like having to spec into and lose fun spells for are now rolled into your base talents.  This means we have at base 1 talent tree that covers each spec of a class .. you just have to pick 1 spell every 15 levels you want. Nice and simple. Some research still into best builds but a lot more personal flexibility then before.

Head and Shoulder Enchants: Head chants are gone. Shoulder chants will be supplied by scribes .. boo. I always looked at these 2 as the cheap enchants, now I am bracing to be ripped off by scribes to the same extent I am by enchanters and jewelcrafters. Thank gods I will have my own maxed by end level.

Scenarios:  We still have normals, heroics and raids as we have before. But with the death of group questing (which I do mourn) there has been a lack of group activity for less then 5 people. Scenarios are basically phased group questing, and are comparative to having something to do like heroics in gathering VP. A very nice alternative.

Challenge Modes: Not much to say here, finding a way to keep interest in heroic dungeons after you have the basic gear has always been hard. Finding a way to return to them and even benefit from them has my seal of approval.

Loss of Reputation Tabards: Tabards are vanity only for MoP factions, they won’t help you get reputation via dungeons. Considering I usually try and get rep via quests anyway this doesn’t effect me but I have heard some screams of pain from those that hate questing.

Spirits of Harmony:  these are the new Chaos Orbs, or Frozen Orbs, or Primal Nethers .. and I hate them just as much. More I hate them worse, hopefully the drop rate rises before live because being able to get 3 between level 85 and 90 on the monk hasn’t left me happy. Some things I feel are just senseless grinds and this is one. Hopefully being able to grow them on a personal farm will relieve some of my stress about these things!

Finally to wrap it up I must note one of the best quality of life aspects coming .. Tauren Monks, while I won’t be rolling a toon called Hornsoffury or Hoovesofsteel , I do enjoy leveling a Tauren of whatever class I can get my hands on.