I am (obviously) not the only one with multiple max level characters. I mean there are people in my guild with 10 or more level 85’s. Me personally, I am about to have a 5th toon hit max level .. after 5 years of playtime. Most in guild seem to have at least 2 max level toons so its not uncommon. Which is all well and good. Now some will spend hours and days gearing each toon, some like me will get them to max level gear them abit but otherwise alts gather dust unless you are doing an alt run or similar.

Now, lets go back and think about what has been talked about for MoP. In Wrath and Cata the whole “Bring The Player Not The Class” was the big sell. For MoP the big sell has been that Blizzard is going to make it easier for people to swap around between main toons and alts, yay. We have account wide acheivments, account wide mounts, pets etc. All to encourage people to change if they feel the need. At the same time they are removing the need to grind rep with specific factions for head and shoulder chants. Even better! The more information they brought out the easier it seemed it would be for you to grind up valour points with your alts to start em on the road to gearing .. only allowing JP & VP to be BOA would make gearing alts easier.

There is a point to my ramblings though and here it is .. in one of the lastest of Blizzards posts this particular phrase caught my eye:

“Valor will be used to purchase ilvl 489 gear in Mists of Pandaria. The Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, and August Celestials factions will sell this gear. Revered reputation with each faction will be required.”

Now unless things have changed since I last managed to get on the beta (and if they have please smack me across the head and tell me to pay attention) there was one thing that was not account wide, or shared between toons .. and that was faction reputation. So what this means is if you want to buy boots with Valor points for example you will need to grind up to reveared with the August Celestials with every toon that wants the boots. Considering they sell cloth, leather, mail and plate boots this basically means that every toon you want these boots on will need to grind to reveared. Not so bad when you could get rep via tabards, not that you can’t and have to grind via dailies it is a different matter.

Why though you may ask does all of this concern me. It is because Blizzard have stressed they wanted to make this expansion about being easier to switch between alts. They even axed head enchants entirely because it forced you to level reputation with a specific faction to buy and use them. To quote from Ghostcrawler:

” In previous expansions, the head enchants from the faction vendors served to force players into specific content. You couldn’t even choose which reputation to pursue — you had to pursue the one with your specific head enchant. Our design intent for Mists of Pandaria is to give players options in how to play, and our previous head enchant design wasn’t compatible with that. “

So literally, they axe head enchants because they force you to faction grind to get an item that allows you to raid. Then they literally turn around and tie all VP gear into factions, and this time its not 1 or 2 factions like it was in Wrath and Cata. No, now you will need to grind rep on all 4 introductory factions (The Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, and August Celestials ) just to get yourself up to what will be pre-raid gearing (Ilvl 489).

So what does this mean! For me it means my alts won’t get geared in all probability, it was a nightmare enough for me to get 2 alt toons enough reputation to buy the basics with Molten Front, Deepholm and Hyjal while trying to do everything I wanted to do with the main. The thought of having to grind out 4 reputations on every toon that hits 90 .. its more then a bit daunting. Before I hear the naysayers, its true .. these VP gear from faction vendors is ilvl489 .. thats higher then heroic dungeons, higher then LFR and on par with some of the crafted epics. If I or anyone wants their alts to be geared enough to step into a normal raid and fill in for someone gaining these reputations to at least reveared will be mandatory.

Its like they have literally said, “We don’t want to have to force you to do faction grinds for items .. except these The Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, and August Celestials, lol, have fun”.  Seriously, I believe it would be better if this gear went back to main JP/VP vendors in Orgrimmar, or somewhere in Pandaria if they want, but making us grind up 4 reputations per toon just to be able to spend valour points .. makes me sigh in frustration.

Here is a prayer (probably futile) that Blizzard make a last minute change to this insanity!!!

Note: This may seem like a giant ‘gripe’ post, and it is .. the mixed signals and changes that make alts more grindy are not fun .. but I should note that in general I am truly looking forward to MoP and hope to expand on why in my next post.