1. Yuangol. A new Tauren offshoot race .. seriously, the Yuangol, how awesome is that! You cant help but love anything connected with Tauren lore. now we get to see what happens when some Tauren are kept in a highly volatile situation. Centaur meh, frozen wastes meh .. lets see what happens when they are constantly attacked by bug people for millenia!

Ok that wasn’t seriously the thing I am most looking forward to. Well not truly. Being serious now (see no smile on this face) i will admit there is a lot of new things to really look forward to in MoP that is in itself totally new to the game and should hopefully put a bit of spring into our steps as we discover the once hidden lands of Pandaria …

1. New Lore, and its introduction into the game.
Hands down one of my favourite parts of WoW has always been its lore. As someone who will devour a new Raymond Fiest, Steve Erickson, terry Prattchet or (insert SF/Fantasy Author here) book inside usually 3 hours of buying it I can tell you I really really enjoy seeing new stories. Up until now with WoW these have been presented to us as quests , some with a minor clip or event like the gates at AQ, Wrathgate or all those Quests in Uldum. Alternately they have been provided through in-game clips, flavour text on items, a very few readable/clickable items and limited text when making archeology solves. Well now we have a whole new slew of quests dungeons etc .. but we also have access to scenarios, we have quests/achievements which ask us to fly around pandaria reading lore items, plus quests and end clips based around a faction devoted seemingly to enhancing the wow story .. the lorewalkers. All told MoP is gonna have a lot of new story/lore for those that enjoy it, with a larger variety of ways to encounter it.

2. Pet Battle Systems
I am still a bit iffy on whether I like this or not. I am a dedicated pet collector with 198 pets at the moment (damn Ice Chip and the Crawling Claw) so on one hand any way to get more pets is cool πŸ™‚ , on the other its sad they are limiting us to 500 pets 😦 . having said that this mini game should provide amusement to a variety of players from achievement hunters to those who decide its high time the rest of the raid learns that flying to a dungeon/raid is now the way to go. Plus let’s be honest .. I can’t wait to see my Mini-Thor obliterate virtually anything.

3. Scenarios
This is something I think everyone should be excited about. For me its a reminder of why I used to enjoy group questing .. small groups, 3 people tops. Add to that they expand the storyline, offer alternate gearing methods and VP/JP collection, plus achievements and vanity items. How can it not be looked forward to? Also this is grouping at its easiest .. no need to wait around for them pesky tanks. The real question is how difficult will a scenario be with 3 healers?

4.Β  The Tillers, and your Private Farm
A lot of people have wanted player housing, for now this is as close as it gets. Barring the new mini game involved with the farm hands down my favourite reason for looking forward to this is an alternate way to gather some materials for cooking and other crafts (Spirits of Harmony for example). Add to that the fact that it is a little private phased plot of the world that you tend to, expand and look after makes this feel very personal. A nice start to a future possibility methinks πŸ™‚

5. Yuangol .. no? OK then, Monks and Pandaren
So we also have a new race, which is good, you can never argue against having too many options. A neutral race is a great idea to be honest and I can’t wait to see how it affects play on live. To be honest I don’t think there will be any problems. People complain about ‘shadows’ in pvp but all i remember from pvp is masses of bodies in certain areas and shooting people who were red. Then we have monks. having a tank spec is nice, tanks are always needed. A new healer spec .. well personally I would have preferred a mail healing class, but that’s only because I loathe competition on healing leather. As for a new melee dps class, well ok I guess, our last new class was melee but I can’t imagine a ranged monk. As for the class itself play style feels good and who can’t hep but like some of the animations used in the fighting styles.

Finally …
If all that isn’t enough to give you a renewed interest or outlook then there are the standard additions to lighten your day .. new raids,Β  new dungeons, new quests, new factions, new crafting and gathering recipes and levels, new achievements. Plus a slew of quality of life improvements like account wide mounts, account wide pets, AoE Looting. Then there are all the things we love to simply play with .. vanity items, new mounts, new pets .. even a new type of Auction House.

All being said and done there are enough new systems and new things to do that we should be kept busy for a while.