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So here we are in the final hours before MoP, and I can’t talk to my guild, damn them all to hell. I mean seriously, is it so much to ask that we kill every boss available on normal version? I mean hells bells we’ve been doing Heroic DS we should be able to kill Ragnaros .. but nooooo. Lazy frikkin bastards. In any event not killing Ragnaros is the only regret I have leaving Cataclysm. I may wish I had been able to fish up a Sea Turtle or piece together the Crawling Claw in Archeology, but I can’t bring myself to mourn the time I didn’t waste trying for these.

In any event by the time I leave work this afternoon Mists of Pandaria will have launched, and during the entire two hours of agony it takes me to reach home I will expect the rest of you on Aussie realms to level to 86 and bugger off to the second zone leaving the first for me to explore in peace ..

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Its been a while since I participated in one of Blog Azeroths shared topics but after returning to blogging I thought I would head back over there finally and see what was happening when I  stumbled across the shared topic posted by Matoka of Suugar & Blood which read as follows ..

    “I feel like I have wondered or seen this before, so if you have a sense of deja-vu, forgive me. But with the new patch, and all the new things coming, what are three things that you will absolutely not leave behind? Consider these three objects your virtual backpack- the twist is, a tiny story to go along with each item. “

To me, the ultimate hoarder and packrat who has everything stashed away from the piccolo of flaming fire, to the haunted momento to a penny pouch ..  three things that i would never leave behind is a seriously big question, especially after 5 years of hoarding. So I gave it some thought and I think I have finally come up with 3 answers that saitsfy me that were not everything I have, everything I want and everything I don’t know I want yet.

The three things I may talk about may not be the first or the most appropriate that come to people mind but to me, well, I think they fit!

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Do you know who is my favourite fictional woman in Warcraft at the moment? Magatha Grimtotem. Yep you heard that right. Not Tyrande, not Jaina, not Sylvanas but Magatha .. isn’t that a shocker!

Lets face it Warcraft compared to a lot of fantasy works be they movies or books has a huge female cast on both sides. They have the huge racial leaders and prominent figures like Tyrande Whisperwind, Jaina Proudemoore, Shandris Feathermoon, Maiev Shadowsong, Magatha Grimtotem, Sylvanas Windrunner .. and her sisters. Then they have a pretty amazing cast of smaller characters that easily impress whether its Gorgonna and Krenna in Grizzly Hills, or the sinister workings of Moira Bronzebeard. My problem with all of them though is that none of them feel fully realised in their potential.
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So we are only a few short weeks out from Mists of Pandaria and I have I will admit been negligent in talking about something that is in truth more near and dear to me than anything else about the expansion. Worse its not even something I will have to wait for the 25th of September for, it is here now and ready for rocking!

Yep, that’s right, Tree Form is back! No more marking someone just look for the damn tree, he knows where to stand!  Its been just under 2 years since Blizzard took away my beloved permanent tree form and now its back and you know what ..  I feel like a resto druid again. I feel more like a resto druid then I have  all of Cataclysm, whether or not I am topping the charts.

Blizzard can keep their fancy new spells, their new travel forms, their armored bears, cats and moonkins .. allowing my tree back full time as enuogh of a change to make MoP satisfying.

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