So we are only a few short weeks out from Mists of Pandaria and I have I will admit been negligent in talking about something that is in truth more near and dear to me than anything else about the expansion. Worse its not even something I will have to wait for the 25th of September for, it is here now and ready for rocking!

Yep, that’s right, Tree Form is back! No more marking someone just look for the damn tree, he knows where to stand!  Its been just under 2 years since Blizzard took away my beloved permanent tree form and now its back and you know what ..  I feel like a resto druid again. I feel more like a resto druid then I have  all of Cataclysm, whether or not I am topping the charts.

Blizzard can keep their fancy new spells, their new travel forms, their armored bears, cats and moonkins .. allowing my tree back full time as enuogh of a change to make MoP satisfying.