Its been a while since I participated in one of Blog Azeroths shared topics but after returning to blogging I thought I would head back over there finally and see what was happening when I  stumbled across the shared topic posted by Matoka of Suugar & Blood which read as follows ..

    “I feel like I have wondered or seen this before, so if you have a sense of deja-vu, forgive me. But with the new patch, and all the new things coming, what are three things that you will absolutely not leave behind? Consider these three objects your virtual backpack- the twist is, a tiny story to go along with each item. “

To me, the ultimate hoarder and packrat who has everything stashed away from the piccolo of flaming fire, to the haunted momento to a penny pouch ..  three things that i would never leave behind is a seriously big question, especially after 5 years of hoarding. So I gave it some thought and I think I have finally come up with 3 answers that saitsfy me that were not everything I have, everything I want and everything I don’t know I want yet.

The three things I may talk about may not be the first or the most appropriate that come to people mind but to me, well, I think they fit!

First off and probably out of context, the thing I will not leave behind, is my guild, The Northern Dragons, a social guild that does light raiding. God damnit I’ve poured 5 years into it after usurping the former GM .. I mean taking over when he decided he didn’t wish to play anymore. I’ve seen it balloon out from the original 10 signatories to over 600 players on over 80 accounts and contract back down to a more manageable size. I’ve been with some of these fellas since we took our first crack at raiding and wiped on Attumen until now when we are finally doing heroic mode bosses when they are current content! (OK 1 heroic mode boss). I’ve played with these guys for 5 years, met soem of them several times now in real life, played multiple games with them .. we’ve even mourned the loss of a guildy together. More than anything else its this social friendly environment that keeps me playing so coming out of Cataclysm into Mists of Pandaria and onwards.. this is one thing I won’t leave behind, in WoW or otherwise.

The second things is a little more pragmatic, one thing that will never get thrown from my inventory, banks or bags will be the Sceptre of Shifting Sands.  Now I didn’t do this quest when it was current, and I started on the whole chain back when we were gearing people for Kara, but after working on it part time over 3 odd years, travelling around the world slaying dragons and bosses most never saw or encountered .. especially those that started after the launch of TBC. Well this 1 item reminds me of a lot of fun and enjoyment I had exploring places or the world and doing quests that even now make this chain and the event surrounding it one of the best experiences of my gameplay in WoW. Defeating Dr Weavil and Number 2, fighting my way through BWL, killing giant sharks and fighting Eranikus in Moonglade, witnissing the shadow/remembrance of the closing the the gates of Ahn’Qiraj .. fantastic epic moments that I and sadly noone else will for now be able to live again. So my hard won Sceptre will trundle along always in my bag as a reminder.

Finally the last item I would probably keep is my mechanical squirrel, short of losing the druid entirely, losing this little fella would upset me the most, after all he was the single item that got me hooked on pet collecting (thanks Korskaa) waaaay back when I was a little low level 30 player just starting out. Hands down this single item back then was responsible for my packrat ways and even now remains one of my favourite pets.

There are of course many things in my bags i would want to keep and then again there are many that I wouldn’t do more then groan over if I HAD to get rid of them, I suppose in the end for me everything comes down to how fondly I can look back at an item and think about it, or how much fun I can still get out of it. Nevertheless 3 things were wanted and three things have been given .. now I am going to go away and silently pray for a minute or so that this never has to come to pass!