So here we are in the final hours before MoP, and I can’t talk to my guild, damn them all to hell. I mean seriously, is it so much to ask that we kill every boss available on normal version? I mean hells bells we’ve been doing Heroic DS we should be able to kill Ragnaros .. but nooooo. Lazy frikkin bastards. In any event not killing Ragnaros is the only regret I have leaving Cataclysm. I may wish I had been able to fish up a Sea Turtle or piece together the Crawling Claw in Archeology, but I can’t bring myself to mourn the time I didn’t waste trying for these.

In any event by the time I leave work this afternoon Mists of Pandaria will have launched, and during the entire two hours of agony it takes me to reach home I will expect the rest of you on Aussie realms to level to 86 and bugger off to the second zone leaving the first for me to explore in peace ..

In all seriousness though I have enjoyed cataclysm, and look forward to Mists of Pandaria. with the extended travel time to and from work that I didn’t have when I started playing WoW it will be interesting to see how quickly I gear up and am ready to raid this time round, still I have 6 days off to kick-start me and plenty of gaming fuel (read Bundy red and various mixers) to get me through to a point where I shouldn’t lag to far behind most of the guild.

With the new levelling spurt just a short time away there are some things that people should be reminded of to help them with their levelling to 90 and making the best use of time ..

  • First, log out in Inns to get your rested XP, you are not capped anymore and I know there will be some who forget this (I am looking at you sked!)
  • Remember professions now have recipes that give multiple skill ups .. plus between fishing and cooking quests in your capital cities and profession quests at the Darkmoon Faire there are now ways to earn skill ups outside the normal profession levelling route
  • Also on professions if you a skinner, Nesingwary is back .. Hallelujah! Just be courteous in your rampant skinning though, its not nice to ninja other skinners kills, and you should always help those you are leaching off if they need it otherwise!
  • Run dungeons and scenarios with people you know .. yes I know you may not get the buff, but they will be more willing to put up with any stuff ups on fights you don’t know then the random community and they are more likely to stick around if instance farming is your thing!
  • You can’t fly until level 90, this may impact herbing and mining opportunities for you .. or not, but be warned for 5 levels you are going to be stuck running past mobs instead of sailing past them serenely. Also remember is you need to visit the toilet to make sure you go afk in a safe space.
  • If you are finding that the start zones are too busy but you really really want xp now while you have time to play you will need to put up with hundreds in the same area .. unless you have any quest in Twilight Highlands or Uldum that you haven’t done, these will still supply some meagre xp for you to level on while you wait for the initial crush to pass.
  • If Jod needs help drop everything immediately and go help after all he will be healing you for the next 3 years .. ok , so maybe, just maybe this one isn’t mandatory to remember.

I know a lot of these you will look at and say “duh stupid we know that”, and its true, we do .. but while not everyone is an altoholic sometimes its true that people forget the basics. Well here’s hoping you all enjoy Mists!