Ok so I have been meaning to make a post expansion post .. but between work and well dailies who has seriously had time? In short I am enjoying Pandaria there are so many things I really like (hello scenarios) and a few things I really hate (I mean whats up with the changed Tauren backgrounds on loading screens?) and I will probably drivel on about those things in a later post. what I am here for today is to ask a question … is blizzard ashamed of female Pandaren? or are some just not pretty enough to show their faces in public?

See above ,.. the intrepid Ganbei (this won out as a name slightly ahead of Prosit, Slainte and Hornsoffury if I went Tauren), ready for action. Now this is how I have seen all male pandaren monks.

Meet Kesari, so far most low level female pandaren monks and even some higher level onesI have seen have this sort of camera shy reaction ..

Finally meet Zen, who is starting to crop up on the Challenge Mode leader boards, after clicking on over 30 female Pandaren names this was the first image where one wasn’t hiding away in a corner?
So female pandaren .. Shy or Ashamed?