It has been a while since I have posted anything and a lot has popped up as far as information amongst other things so this post will be a bit rambly but I will try and stick to two topics! Thrall and Bag Space.

First off lets talk about the latest spoilers .. if you haven’t seen them, don’t want to hear about em .. leave now.

Basically Vol’jin gets himself into a bad spot, almost dead, he knows Garrosh is up to no good, so what does he do .. he send us his old comrades in arms (I suppose we can say that after we fought beside him in the Battle Of Undercity and the reclamation of the Echo Isles) to find another Old Comrade in Arms … yep that right the Orc with the dress, man purse and .. beads ( I won’t call them here by what I normally would) strung round his neck. Thrall, who promptly says something along the lines of “Oh dear, lets look at whats happening on the Islands” gets u there, lets u do most of the running around and stabbing than says “We better keep a lid on this, I need time to think before I confront Garrosh”

This is all well and good, Thrall has been a bit overplayed but he started out as a really engaging character .. and still was right up until the Battle for Undercity. All I can say is that if Thrall returns THIS is the thrall I want for Warchief ..

This is the Thrall we need for Warchief!

This hippy dress wearing sponge of pure neutrality better not be what takes over from Garrosh..

I don’t want to see Thrall in a dress as Warchief

To that end, until I hear more I won’t mention him again.

So apart from farming , dailies, farming, a look here and there at LFR and Dungeons, dailies, and farming … I have been quietly lurking around the official WoW Forums watching the reaction to the latest expansion. Truth to tell its about what I expected. A lot of ‘ooh’, ‘aaah’ and as always a lot of ‘god damn why don’t ..’ moments. To be fair I think a lot of its natural, every expansions there are pros and cons that we all look at, if you’ve read this you have probably previously heard my thoughts on the ups and downs. In any event there are a number of topics that I have been keping an eye on .. one was bag space, and a few weeks ago a thread appeared where people were talking about what can be done.

A Blizzard CM chimed in and said these are great, but what can we do without increasing actual bag space. My reaction was “what , don’t be silly give us more bags!” (well not quite) but a lot of people had some fantastic ideas to the problem .. some I had previously thought of and some that hadn’t even occured to me until I saw them.

Some of the best presented were:

Personal Banks .. nothing would make me happier then if they ditched the whole ‘bag slots” for the personal bank. Make them like Guild Bank tabs that you purchase from banker at a size that matches the original bank tab!

Tabards .. I saw a lot of people ask for tabard tabs and this sounded good, but a few were calling for something better, a dropdown menu like there is for your titles. This would be the best option for tabards I think.

Item Types .. I think some item types could stand to be changed from what they are. At the moment for example lesser charms of good fortune take up bag space, these could easily be a currency. Or the Goblin Steamboat you get in a Thousand Needles .. this could easily become a mount! If they reworked some items to store elsewhere it would be appreciated.

Unique/Vanity Items .. Here was a plethora of good suggestions but one that struck me above all other was the “make these items spells”. For a lot of the archeology items, random quest items like the puntable marmot, and even rare/bought drops like Frenzyheart Brew or Leyaras Locket, this is a fantastic idea! Of course I doubt this would work with those that are technically “trinkets” like the Barov Pesant Caller, but some of those like the Orb of Deception could be reworked into spells while others such as the Argent War Horn (which calls for someone to fight with you or similar ones that do damage effects) would have to remain as trinkets.

Set Stacking.. Basically the idea here was that you could bundle up a set (ie a tier set or a self made 8 piece set) into 1 item, which would use up those items. So if you were using a certain hat for example in 2 sets you would either not crunch it down using set stacking .. or you would need to go out and get 2. This I like, if I had this my void storage would decrease by at least a quater and I could stash away other gear sets I still have in my bank! Hopefully it would also work on festival sets.

Apart from that there were only 2 suggestiuons I otherwise found true merit with. First introduce a non size capped quest bag for all quest items (for use or for hand ins), while this hasn’t always been an issue for me at times over the last 4 years it definately has.  Second larger stack sizes .. oh dear lord yes. To make 1 magnificent hide I need 50 of the exotic leather, to make the chest its 8 magnificent hides and 8 songs of harmony. If people come to me with mats most do not come with the Hides, they come with the leather .. some 400 pieces, or some 20 stacks, considering I usually have a maximum of 12 bag spaces  having to use 20 to craft a few items is bad, very bad.

Also wouldn’t when you open your bags love to have some sort of pack animal or porter turn up so it looks like you are rummaging through your bags?
So here is hoping that Blizzard took in some of the fantastic suggestions people of all stripe were offering and lets hope we see some turn up in future patches!