One of the happiest days of my Warcraft playtime was the day my egg from the Oracles finally hatched and I managed to get the Green Proto Drake. It had been over 12 months since I managed to get to exulted with them back at the beginning of Wrath and the slimy bastards had been holding back on me all this time. So with a gleeful and joyful heart I promptly switched sides swore undying loyalty to the Frenzyheart and went on a spree .. many Oracles died that day, and for the next month I was so glad to be free of them to wreck my revenge. Suffice to say I am not a fan of randomness as an end reward for faction reps. Nothing could be worse, or so I thought, then random rep rewards .. then came Valour Rewards locked behind reputations, and I thought good lord I didn’t think they could make the oracles seem attractive.


You know I do not like to eat Humble Pie, no sir,. indeed I like my pie full of self-righteousness, indignation or occasionally self-satisfied smugness. Right now though after over a month of Mists .. I am starting to develop a rhythm to my playing and I have to admit one thing. I am enjoying it and coming to grips with the whole gear locked behind dailies thing better then I thought I would.

As a player who works an 8 hour shift, and spends 4 hours a day travelling between work and home I was railing at how many dailies I would be required to do. Well after hitting 90 during a 5 day break and since going back to work I have managed to get geared for Heroics, then LFR and managed to get revered on Golden Lotus, Honoured on Klaxxi and the Shadow-pan and guess what after a month of this I still have a few pieces to buy from these factions at the moment … which means at least several weeks of quest grinding.

When this realisation finally struck home a couple of weeks back I realised that I wasn’t being forced to do more dailies than I can handle. Right now most VP gear costs what 1250 or 2200 vp roughly? that’s on average a minimum of 3 weeks for 2 pieces?

So lets look at this analytically right now shall we ..

What haven’t I purchased yet from those I have already gotten to revered and exulted with? … Ring from GL (1250vp) chest from GL (2250vp) if I decide to update the LW one, cloak from Shado pan (1250vp). In total that is 4750 vp for three pieces of gear .. while I have enough I think to go and buy one now this would otherwise leave me needing 5 weeks of valour point grinding to get all 3.

Based on that I have a total of 7 days worth of dailies with Klaxxi to go to get me to revered .. at which point I get access to a waist piece (1750vp) and a pair of leggings (2250vp) .. that’s a combined 4k vp .. so 4 weeks worth of  vp grinding before I can get both.

In the meantime I have also got 6 days worth of Shadow Pan dailies ahead of me to get to Reveared .. and from him I can get a head-piece (2250vp) and a trinket (1750vp) .. yet 4k vp more.. and another 4 weeks grind.

Finally I can take a look at the August Celestials .. I have 5 days till honoured at which time they will give me bracers (1250vp) now that in itself is just over a weeks worth of VP grinding. At revered they will give me gloves (1750vp) and boots (1750vp) .. and that will cover me for all my purchasable VP gear, and I will need to spend what  .. 12 days to get from honoured to revered with ?

So all up what do I need to spend .. 17,500 valour points to buy all this gear. That is 17 & half weeks based on the 1k per week valour point cap.

At this stage to get all the reps I need if I do 1 groups dailies each day I should have August Celestials Klaxxi and Shadow Pan to revered in ..  30 days.

Now lets consider I usually get my dailies done on Saturdays and Sundays … based on 7 weeks .. that’s 14 days worth of dailies. More I do more than 1 faction on weekends .. I tend to do 2 or 3! That makes if I look at 3 a whopping 42 days worth of dailies … and I need the equivalent of 30 days to get myself to rep levels to get gear! Add to this the dailies I do during the week on slow nights .. ie Tuesdays and Thursdays … and I will have the reputation to buy gear weeks ahead of the time when you know .. I can actually buy it!

What are you getting at I may hear you cry! and that is that in the end I won’t really be doing any more dailies now then I did in cata .. after all back then I ground out my 25 dailies a day to make sure I could get access to gear as fast as possible! Plus I was also having to run through dungeons for extra rep plus vp daily plus whatever gear they dropped.

Right now if I look at the 3 factions I need to level for gear … AC have 4 quests per day, Shado Pan have what? 5-6? and Klaxxi have 6 .. 9 if you count the 3 hidden ones up until revered. That is a total of what .. 19 dailies I need to do? which give VP, which also reduces my need to do dungeons or scenarios which in Cata and Wrath were extras we had to do at the start on top of dailies!

After climbing down from my soap box and discarding my original indignation at a look at things Blizzard is actually making it easier for me this time round to gather VP gear then they have in the past! Madness!

More once I have you know gotten all the gear you know what they have done .. they have allowed me an entire expansions lifetime to continue casually gathering VP in this format and to even look at eventually getting to exulted with each faction .. where for the most part they are offensive enough to offer me a mount .. for gold! Can you believe it! First they make gearing look harder when its easier .. and then they allow me a reason to want to continue grinding after I have gear .. the shame.

Yes, shame on me, for ever having the nerve to complain in the first place about the gearing gate. As for how it will affect my alts .. well I fully expect by the time they manage to reach 90 I can gear them for LFR (which is the most they will probably ever do) thru a few dungeons and some crafting, and can then spend time at leisure getting what reps I want up with them.

So finally having come to a conclusion that yes I can literally slow down and take things in bite size pieces I am enjoying the game more and can actually look at all the new rep grinds more objectively and think about how they compare. In the end I may not like Golden Lotus quests .. but then again I wasn’t a fan of Dragonmaw Dailies in Cata, the Sons of Hodir in Wrath or the Skyguard in BC either. I am enjoying the August Celestials, just as I did enjoy others so it all balances out.

So for those still fuming about the necessity of dailies, chill, slow down, you will get there in time, and probably with time to spare before you can buy everything.