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So, despite my hope to not post again before christmas, how could I truly not look at this weeks shared topic over on Blog Azeroth. What is it you ask? Well Eff  asks us .. ” While running through MC, BWL, AQ40, and Naxx over the weekend, I got to thinking… If a future patch adds more raid-dropped pets like those introduced in 5.1, what pets would you like to see? What raid and boss would they be available from?”

Thats right, a shared topic about mini-pets/Companions. Since pet collecting in WoW has been a pet hobby of mine since A shaman handed me my first mini pet I knew this peticular topic was for me. I have been saying (for years in some cases) to guildies and mates alike what sort of pets I would like to see in game. Some have thankfully become a reality (hello Gazelle & Minfernal) but as always with compulsive collectors .. we can use more 🙂


First off with Winterveil here .. how cool wouldn’t it be for a baby Greench to drop off the Greench? Yes? No?
Anyway, to the question asked .. So what would I love to see? Ok here are my top 5 …
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‘Twas in the Weeks before Winterveil, and all through the Guild,
People were cheering, for a boss had been killed ..

We had wiped on him plenty, then wiped a bit more,
before those four rotten mutts were dead on the floor..

Onto the next boss we went, filled with zeal with pride,
From the graveyard we crept, rezzed ourselves and cried ..

We shall kill him tonight, or maybe next week,
but our raiding outlook is currently bleak ..

For Winterveils coming, and no matter our plans,
The ability to raid will be out of our hands ..

As people go AWOL to open up presents,
to visit family half consider unpleasant ..

To look after kids, screaming of their heads,
Who you wish were sedated and quietly on meds,

To watch grandparents drift off to sleep and begin to snore.
As the smoke from the barbie drifts in through the door,

To sweat and to swelter through terrible heat,
Then watching yacht races when everyone’s beat,

To drink and be merry and eat till they are filled,
To scream in horror at what to their credit cards been billed ..

Slackers! Layabouts! We must raid! Some said,
But raiding at Winterveil’s like raising the dead..

Guild chat goes quiet, it happens all week,
hardly anyone is on, and nobody speaks..

Its winterveil we know, we don’t blame you, it is nobodys fault,
But it gives you all a month of gearing, before coming back to the Vaults!

So Merry Christmas Northern Dragons, go revel, drink and be filled with cheer,
We shall be back to our raiding and beating Battlechat next Year!

To others who read this and look on in wonder,
Seasons Greetings to you, from all us Down Under!

Also how awesome is that Christmas Tree! You should go and check it out on the artists deviant art page .. as well as some of his other most excellent pieces.

I doubt I shall post again before the new year so I heartily wish everyone the best for the festive season! may you enjoy great times with family and loved ones, partake in the company of friends and fill yourselves to the point of bursting and wonder why you do this to yourself every year !


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