I doubt I shall post again before the new year so I heartily wish everyone the best for the festive season! may you enjoy great times with family and loved ones, partake in the company of friends and fill yourselves to the point of bursting and wonder why you do this to yourself every year !


So stone Guard finally died. Yep, as a casual, social guild that has been fart-arsing around since MoP launched we finally downed our first boss (outside a mostly guild sha run). Stone Guard is dead and on our first few attempts on the second boss we were easily reaching phase 3. Perhaps not a major victory but anything that puts us ahead of the guild we consider our Alliance Counterpart is worthwhile .. you see its not about being first, just beating them .. and possibly luring over their members to play for the right side!

In any event we have wiped on the boss a number of times, to many for me to actually want to think about, but on some of those wipes there was something I noticed and that was how close we were scraping to the enrage time. During those attempts I was often sitting their cursing either dps quality or  mana regen usually. The thing is this is not the only place I have been cursing enrage timers.

I have also been lucky enough to secure a Brawlers Guild Pass, well actually we secured 5 for our guild so we could start farming and hopefully start getting them to supply to guildies when I clicked use instead of link when asking in chat who wanted the second one. As a result I have been trying to get in once a week, ok maybe 3 times, for 10 minutes in the morning before I head to work and down a boss. Now I am resto, have resto gear .. and have no bag space what so every for anything else let alone a set of gear for my offspec.

As a result my dps is a tad slow and I rely on self healing in a solo pve environment. So I enter the arena, and so far it has been a blast. I’m about 6 or 7 bosses in, workin my way to Rank 3. Anyway to get to the point, these brawlers arena matches have enrage timers. Seriously folks, go to long and giant rains of fire cover the arena spelling out your doom.

This has me a little upset to be honest. I mean the Brawlers Guild is supposed to be about player skill and survivability against harder mobs and special pve encounters yes? Well I am surviving damnit, boss is dieing (slowly mayhap) and what has to happen is happening .. so what if its a little slow is that really a call for the announcer to bombard us? Luckily i do this at a time when few are on and if i am slow and die to announcer fire (as I shall call it) I can run back and be back in the ring almost instantly. During busy periods this could mean a wait of over half hour .. all because the announcer doesn’t like the fact you are taking to long to kill something.

It is in my opinion something that blizzard has introduced and used over and over again in the game that I am just not fond of .. enrage timers. I mean intellectually on some (i.e. raid bosses) I can understand it, it is a way to ensure that dps are also doing their job and not being carried by healers or tanks. But on a personal level I don’t like them, I remember once doing a 40 minute fight in Zul’Gurub against the tiger priest .. you remember where if you didn’t kill them all reasonably close together they rezzed each other. Well they rezzed, and rezzed and rezzed, and despite raid leaders trying to coordinate the dps just didn’t listen, healers were chugging pots like crazy, rezzing players, re-rezzing players, it was chaotic, it was partly frustrating .. but it was one of teh most memorable fights I have ever done, and something that just isn’t possible with an enrage timer.

While I don’t want every fight to be that way, I am not a fan of the hard enrage timers either when you are in a group where dps may be slightly below average. I remember a number of times doing Icecrown Citadel when we had brought in ‘irregulars’ for the fun of it, and some bosses pounded us flat .. not because we were not keeping everyone alive, but because these irregulars who didn’t raid or do group stuff regularly were not putting out the dps to meet enrage timers.

So lets say I am ambivalent towards enrage timers on raid and dungeon fights. I can see the ups and downs. In brawlers Guild though I am not ambivilent. These fights are a test of skill, they are there to test our pve abilities, and survivability. This means that as long as we are alive we should be able to fight and to eventually kill. I would love, to test these fights out as resto, rather then as moonkin in resto gear, just as I know two tanks in guild would prefer to fight as tanks rather then as dps in tanking gear. I say let Brawlers Guild be about skill and not plain numbers and get rid of this silly enrage timer. I say let tanks be able to tank, heals be able to heal and dps pew pew without worrying that they will hit a time wall.

I say this not just as a participant but as a spectator .. after all its the matches where the mobs seem so closely matched to the participant that are after all the best viewing and what makes it worth your while sitting around watching as you wait for your opportunity to pop!

Anyway Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!